Latest in Beauty Balance The Night Time Edit

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A few weeks ago I received the Latest in Beauty Balance The Night Time Edit box completely unexpectedly and it couldn't have come at a better time! I was really struggling to sleep due to both my chronic pain kicking off and also anxiety over the many things going on in my life right now. I was excited to see some products which sounded and looked very interesting as well as a few products I know I already love. The best thing is that the box is worth over £145 but you can pick it up from Latest in Beauty for just £38 - what a complete steal! Altogether in the box you get a whopping 16 products and 6 of them are full size. So in this post I'm going to be talking about how I've been getting on with the products and whether I think the box is worth picking up... 

First up is the Jurlique Limited Edition Fragrant Rose Hand Cream* which comes in a very boujee looking box and it's one of those hand creams that you can tell is going to get to work straight away. It's not super thick but it's not thin and weak either. I'm also a big fan of the scent with it being rose scented. It's that kind of rose smell that's kind of old fashioned but in a nice way.

The box also contains a Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask* which I'm already a fan of and can't recommend enough! I tend to use them more for when I have a bad headache/migraine as the masks are infused with jasmine which helps you to relax whilst you drift off to sleep or soothe a bad headache. I always make sure I have a few in because they really do work wonders.

I haven't gotten around to trying the Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask* just yet as my skin has been very oily over the past couple of weeks and I don't want to annoy it with a thick overnight face mask. However I am a fan of Dr Botanicals and I'm pretty sure I'm going to like the Sleeping Mask. I'm also a fan of the packaging, I just think it looks cute on my skincare shelf.

Next up is the Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm* which I've actually been wanting to try for a while. I saw MissBudgetBeauty mention it ages ago in a video and she said it was a great multi-tasking balm but it's quite pricey at £40 (full size). So I was excited to see the mini version in the box. They claim it's suitable for all skin types and it contains antioxidant rich, organic wild rosehip oil and a blend of geranium and patchouli essential oils. It does smell really nice and kind of spa-like if that makes sense. I also like that it contains wild rosehip oil as I have been trialling rosehip oil over the past couple months on my skin to see if it helps with clearing up spots and healing any old scars and I do think it's been pretty helpful. So far I've used the Wild Rose Beauty Balm to give me a nice sheen with a minimal makeup look, to soothe my skin where I've had some irritation and dry patches and I've also used it as a cleanser. I feel like it's been great for all of the above and I definitely want to pick up the full size when I have the spare ££.

I do use a lot of epsom salts as I find having an epsom salt bath helps when I'm having a bad pain flare up but I've never tried Dr Teals before so I was looking forward to trying the Dr Teals Pure Epsom Slt Soaking Solution - Soothe and Sleep with Lavender*. I do think it should have a locking strip at the top of the packet because I personally think putting the whole bag in one bath is too much because the lavender scent is really strong. I think it would actually knock me out if I put more of than half in! Overall I did like using it but I'll probably stick to my usual Westlab bags as they're cheaper and aren't heavily scented. 

Talking of baths... I've been using the Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil* as a moisturising treatment after I have a bath in the evening because it's obviously really hydrating but it's also really soothing, so it's perfect to use before getting into bed as it helps to put you in a relaxed mind space. 

Next up is the Link Nutrition Magnesium Food Based Mineral Natural Health Supplement* which I haven't tried just yet as I'm not sure if I can take the supplements with the prescribed meds I'm on so I'm going to ask my doctor about it when I next see her because I am really intrigued about using magnesium to help promote sleep and also relieve restless legs.

I was so happy to see Pukka Night Time Organic Herbal Tea* because I used to use them all of the time and for some reason I've just stopped and I don't know why?! But I've loved being reintroduced to them and they really do help me to relax and sleep. Highly recommend!

You also get some Patchology Eye Gel Patches (single) in either Down Time or Flash Patch* in the Night Time Edit box. I got the Down Time option which are described as "calming tea-infused aromatherapy eye gels". They contain Calendula, Lavender and Evening Primrose so as you can imagine they make you feel very relaxed which is perfect if you've had a stressful day.  Overall I really liked them and it was nice to try another product from Patchology as I'm currently using their AQUAFLASH gel moisturiser* and I absolutely love it. 

You may have read in this blog post that I've been trying to be more eco friendly and Glov Makeup Remover ECO* is a fab way to stop using cotton wool rounds or face wipes because it's literally a glove made from fibres which removes your makeup with just water. You also don't have to put it in the washing machine like the reusable cotton pads I currently use (and love) as you can just clean the glove with a gentle soap and then leave it to dry. I also like that the packaging it arrives in which looks suspiciously like normal plastic is actually made from starch so instead of it taking 500 years to decompose it will decompose in 12 months instead. 

I haven't actually gotten around to trying the L'Oreal Botanicals Fresh Care Arnica Repairing Mask* but I'm looking forward to using it. I'm currently trying to get through my half empty hair mask bottles/pots that are cluttering up the bathroom (lol) but I'll report back when I do use the L'Oreal hair mask and let you know what I think on insta stories.

I'm a big fan of Tisserand Aromatherapy already but I'm always up for trying more of their products. The Sleep Better Pulse Point Roller Ball* is a great product to have on your bedside table before you go to sleep at night or even to take out with you if you're feeling stressed out and feel like you need a calming scent to bring you back down to earth. The scent doesn't last for long with it being an oil-based product but I would still pick it up again as I've been reaching for it a lot over the past couple of weeks.

Next up in the box is the Guinot Gommage Biologic Exfoliating Gel* is a natural exfoliating gel with fruit acids and green tea extract. I've only tried it once but I found it to be gentle but it also left my skin feeling super soft and a little glowy. I think I need to try it a few more times before I completely make up my mind on the product but it's nice.

I've only tried the original pillow spray from This Works and I do like it but it is pricey for what it is and my current pillow mist is only £7 and I find that it works just as well as the original This Works one. However in the Night Time Edit Box there's a mini version of the This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray* and I've got to admit, it's sooo good! It literally knocks me out in about 10 minutes (if I'm already feeling sleepy but can't actually fall asleep). It is pricey... it's even pricier than the original but I think I might have to pick up the full size once I'm out of the mini spray. 

Another discovery which I've been loving using over the past couple of weeks is the Puressentiel Rest and Relax Air Spray*. I'd never heard of Puressentiel until now but after trying the Rest and Relax Air Spray, I'm definitely interested in trying out more from them. I tend to just spray it over my bed and it really does fill the air with the calming lavender scent without being super overpowering like some lavender scents can be.

Lastly in the box is a 30 Days Free Trial Voucher for Calm app* which I've actually not got around to signing up to yet but I have heard good things about Calm from a lot of people so I'm definitely putting "Sign up to Calm" on my to-do list for next week.

Another reason why I like Latest in Beauty boxes is because inside the leaflet which tells you what exactly is in the box, they also have some discount codes which are exclusive to the LiB boxes. For example in this box you get a 15% off code to use at This Works, 15% off code to use at Jurlique and a £10 off voucher if you spend over £30 on Neal's Yard Remedies (online or instore) and the expiry dates are also a month plus so it gives you enough time to decide what you want to pick up.

I think this box is a complete steal especially if you struggle with your sleep or anxiety because it's really helped me over the past couple of weeks. So it's a big thumbs up from me and a big well done to BALANCE and Latest in Beauty for putting together another fab box! 

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