Refreshing My Gallery Wall With Desenio

-This post contains items paid for with a gifted voucher, no paid content. All opinions are my own-
Last year I put a gallery wall up in my room and it honestly completely changed my room for the better and just kind of knitted everything together if that makes sense. I was kind of mad at myself for not putting anything up on the brick feature wall for a few years because I felt like I'd been missing out. I also feel like it was an easy way to add not only a pop of colour into my room but also show my personality and what I like. As much as I love my gallery wall and the prints I picked up last year, I thought it was about time to just change it up a little for the new season and give it a little refresh. Desenio kindly gifted me a voucher* to pick up some new prints, so in this post I'm going to be showing you my revamped gallery wall as well as talking about why I picked the prints.

I've kept all of the same frames from my last Desenio order because I really like them and I've had no issues with them that have made me want to change them. I also like that they are lightweight so it makes it easier to put them up. I did pick up two of the small frames (13x18) in Black and one medium frame (21x30) in Black because I'm thinking I may have switch to an all black framed gallery wall at some point in the future but I'm still happy with my copper and black frame mixture at the moment. 

So from the left to the right (going down and across) I picked up the Scrabble Love print in 13x18 which I just think is a cute little print. It's simple and sweet and I didn't want too many bold prints in the smaller frames because I know I'd already put quite a few bolder larger prints in my cart. Next is the Frida Floral print (21x30) which I absolutely love. it's bold, it's pretty and I think once I finally get around to painting my bedroom walls with a warm teal colour, it's going to blend in really well. However my mum did say she thought it was "Boy George back in the day" when she first saw it (I honestly don't know where her head is at haha!). It's definitely one of my faves that I picked up in this order. At the bottom is the & Poster (13x18) which I bought just to break up the wall a little and I think it works really well. It's simple but it still quite a statement print.

Then back up to the top I chose the Go Your Own Way (21x30) print which is obviously a nod to the Fleetwood Mac song and I was basically brought up listening to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and they were also my mum and dad's band back in the day as they were about when they first got together. I'm also a fan of Fleetwood Mac and I think the print works well with the bold coloured prints either side. I decided to keep my Girl Power (13x18) print from last year up because I just think it's a nice little motivational print and I think it looks nice in my photos when I use my gallery wall as a background for my blog and insta photos. At the bottom of is the Pink Paris Perfume (13x18) which I think just adds a girly pop of colour to the wall and I've also got another Chanel perfume bottle print in my room on my bookcase so it kind of ties them both together. 

If you read my Desenio blog post last year then you would've seen that I chose a print called "Memphis" which is kind of similar to my new 80's (30x40) poster. I just love the kind of abstract design and the bright colours. I definitely think it's the feature point of the whole gallery wall right now. Next is the La Lune (21x30) which I got because I just needed something relating to the moon on my wall basically. I love anything like that from stars, moons etc but I chose the La Lune print in particular because I like that it's in black and white and it's kind of a nice contrast against the bright colours of the other prints and it's similar to my last moon print that was up previously. The Inhale The Future (13x18) print is kind of a reminder to breathe deeply when I'm feeling anxious as I find that it helps me a lot. So I just thought it'd be a handy little reminder to have on the wall. Lastly is the Be Kind Pink (21x30) which I love. I just think it's cute and I like how the "Be Kind" fades out the further it goes down the print.

If you're interested in any of the prints above or planning on checking out Desenio in general then my code "ASTOLDBYKIRSTY25" gives 25% off prints* on all Desenio sites until midnight 3rd October (UK time). Follow @desenio for more inspiration! 

*Except for frames and handpicked/personalised prints.

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  1. I love Desenio, they have so many great prints, your wall looks great xx

  2. I've been meaning to make a Desenio order for so long, as they have so many amazing prints! I love the ones you have, you've set them out so good as well xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush