Magnitone's SuperNaturals Skincare

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Magnitone have recently released their first ever skincare range which is vegan and mainly aimed at oily/combination and blemish prone skin types. So it sounds perfect for my temperamental skin! They sent over all of the products from the range as well as the First Step Vibra Sonic Compact Daily Cleansing Brush which I'm also going to be reviewing in this blog post too. 

First up is the Pore-ify Breakout Knockout Anti-Oil Cleansing Gel RRP £8* which I've been really enjoying. Normally when products claim they are going to stop any oiliness then it means they contain ingredients which basically strip the skin back which then basically makes your skin super dry and also a breeding ground for bacteria because there's no barrier. However, I've found that it works in a more natural way and doesn't completely strip the oils from my face but just takes away any excessive oils. I'm also a fan of the fresh, clean scent throughout the whole range. The Cleansing Gel contains Activated Charcoal which is what pulls out and unclogs any rubbish from the pores, Wasabi which calms the skin overall and lastly is the classic Tea Tree which as we all know is great for dealing with breakouts. I am a little hit and miss with products which contain Tea Tree as they can make my skin go really red but I've been fine with this so far.

Next up is the Pore-ify Zero Shine Anti-Pollution Mineral Moisturiser RRP £10* which is a lightweight day cream which helps to combat oil production and absorb excess oils. The Magnesium helps with the oils, Zinc helps to prevent pore clogging and the Resurrection Plant Extract aims to protect and hydrate your skin. I've been really liking the Mineral Moisturiser and I think it's a nice, affordable day-to-day moisturiser to use and I would pick it up again. 

There's also the Pore-ify Vitamin-Mix Intense Night Cream RRP £10* if you think you're in need of some extra moisture. I'll admit, my skin isn't a massive fan of night creams or moisturisers just because they tend to be heavier on the skin. I tend to just use standard daily moisturiser for both morning and night. The formula is a little richer than the daily moisturiser but not super heavy. It contains Vitamin E from Soy which aims is to boost the skin's repair system, the Apple Alpha-Hydroxy Acid rejuvenates the skin's surface and the Bladderwrack (Seaweed) helps to soothe the skin. I probably wouldn't pick this up again just because I'm finding I'm not reaching for it a lot because I've been enjoying the Mineral Moisturiser more.

Lastly from the SuperNaturals range is the Pore-ify Peel & Purge Enzyme Clay Mask RRP £12* which I've been loving. At first because of the name, I thought it was a peel off kind of mask but it's not. It's a clay-based mask which is what I personally prefer as I find they work best with my skin. On the tub it says to use it once a week as a treatment which I have been doing. The Amazonian Clay helps to draw out excess oils from the pores, whilst the Pumpkin Seeds help to dry out oily skin (which did freak me out at first but it's not extreme), whilst the PawPaw exfoliates and promotes cell renewal. I really like this mask because I think it does help and I find it a lot easier to remove than other clay masks because it's quite a thin consistency. It also leaves my skin feeling super clean and soft. I'm definitely going to be picking this one up again!

Lastly is the First Step Vibra Sonic Compact Daily Cleansing Brush RRP £40* which is
USB Rechargeable (A full 8hr Charge will last a month), The brush contains Skinsoft(TM) Bristles which are anti-bacterial and it also comes with a 1 Year Warranty. The brush is completely waterproof meaning it's fine to put in your gym bag and to use in the shower or bath. It does seem to be on the noisier side which is why I personally prefer Magnitone's XOXO Sillicone Cleansing Brush RRP £40* because it's pretty quiet but if that isn't something that bothers you or whoever you live with and you want to use a cleansing brush then it's a great one to start with.

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