What My Ideal Dream Kitchen Would Look Like *

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We're planning on revamping our kitchen in the Spring which I'm really excited about. We were planning on doing it before Christmas but then we decided it would be a lot of work, stress and mess to deal with just before Christmas so we scrapped that idea. So ever since we decided that we're going to revamp the kitchen I've obviously been browsing away looking at all kitchen-related things. We haven't got a massive budget to do it up with but there are definitely some things on my "dream kitchen wishlist" that we could get (and yes, I do have a bookmark full of things I'd love in my dream kitchen). So I thought I'd share with you what my ideal kitchen would look like in the space we have available.

I really think that the design of a kitchen worktop can really make or break a kitchen. I think it's because it covers such a big, main area of the kitchen and it's something you're looking at all of the time when you're in the room even if you don't realise it. I really like the look of quartz worktops just because they can add some dazzle and glitz and you can really make a feature of them too. I've been looking at the Calacatta Gold Supreme and White Sparkle quartz worktops from Stone Synergy. They're quite different to each other but they are both quite bold and I think that's what I like about them. You can also find a wide range of worktops including quartz ones at HCsupplies too.

Credit: tapwarehouse
I really love Belfast sinks and I think they can kind of give a house that cosy farmhouse vibe too. In an ideal world, I'd love if we could install one of them in our kitchen along with a gold traditional kitchen mixer tap but I'm actually not sure if we can because the area where our current sink is, is quite compact. So I don't know if a Belfast sink would look right or even fit properly, to be honest (it's time to get the measuring tape out I think!).

I'd also love to paint our kitchen as right now it's kind of a pastel olive green colour, which is nice and it goes with our wooden kitchen cabinets but it's just not what I'd have chosen if the choice was down to me. I'd love our kitchen walls to be a warm, neutral grey because it's a colour that just kind of goes with everything and if we do we end up having Quartz worktops then it would blend all in nicely.

Credit: Studio Mcgee
We currently have black tiles around the sink area and I don't even know why but they are definitely going when we revamp the kitchen because they just don't look right. I'm kind of torn about what I think would look nice but I really like basic brick block kind of tiles (like in the photo above) but I also really like really bold, colourful Moroccan-looking patterned tiles too. I think it would depend on the rest of the choices for the kitchen because obviously, you don't want things to clash. 

Lastly is some sort of hidden but useful storage system, just because we have a kind of awkward, small kitchen which is split into two parts. We've got the main kitchen area where the sink, kettle and toaster etc are and then the utility area which has things like the microwave, blender, toastie maker (basically the appliances we don't use daily) as well as the washing machine and tumble dryer. I've seen "cupboards" which actually pull out and have a chopping board on the top and then storage or a bin underneath, so something along those lines would be great.

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  1. The blue wood cabinets around the white sink looks beautiful! I love the cabinet refinishing done in these photos! Perfect kitchen inspiration!