What I've Been Testing Recently For My Chronic Pain | Synerva 300mg CBD Body Balm

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I was a bit silly towards the end of March to the beginning of April because I stopped using my CBD products as much as I usually do, just because I was kind of testing my daily pain with little to no pain relief and guess what? I suffered big time... Not only did I have some really bad pain flare-ups, but I also came down ill with tonsillitis for almost 3 weeks too which I'm pretty sure happened because I run myself down because of the bad bad flare-ups. So this month I've gone back to using my CBD products consistently and I've also been putting some brands I've never heard of before to the test. In this post, I'm going to be talking about
Synerva 300mg CBD Body Balm and how I've got on after using it pretty much daily for 3 weeks. 

Because I had an almost deadly reaction to a particular NSAID pain relief pill a few years ago, I get so anxious about taking prescription pills, even ones that don't have close ingredients to the one I had a reaction to. So I now only take the prescribed pills I literally have to take and then I try and manage my pain as naturally as possible. I know that isn't for everyone but most of the time, I can make it work. I'm still in some sort of pain daily but it varies day-to-day. However, since discovering CBD back in 2018, I've never stopped using it because I personally find it really helpful. 

Synerva sell a wide range of CBD products from the oils, gummies, body balm, capsules and more. They also offer bundle deals which I think is great as you don't find that a lot with CBD brands. They kindly let me choose a product I wanted to test and I decided to choose their 300mg CBD Body Balm* because I've only ever used one other muscle balm before and I just wanted to see what other muscle/body balms are on the market for a similar price. 

The 300mg CBD Body Balm is priced at £29.95* and comes in a 50ml jar. It contains the full spectrum of Cannabinoids and Terpenes and is also Non-GMO and Pesticide Free and it has no detectable levels of THC. The 300mg CBD Balm is blended with luxurious oils and an essential oil blend of Rosehip, Geranium, Eucalyptus and Lavender.

I would say you can smell the Rosehip and Geranium the most which are both pleasant which is good because I hate smelly medicinal products. One of my prescribed medications literally tastes like the smell of cow poo which is just gross lol. The texture of the body balm is obviously balmy and quite oily, I tend to scrape the product on the back of my fingernail first just because I find I get a good amount of product out that way and then apply it once it's warmed up and melted a little with my fingertips.

My overall thoughts...
It's definitely been put to the test over the past few weeks as I've not only had to use it for my usual daily pelvic pain, I've also had a really bad back, hip and leg flare that lasted for around 3 days, stomach cramps on and off and even a sore achy neck after sleeping in a weird position one night. I've got to say the CBD Body Balm worked really well at easing all of the pains. I feel like it worked best on the thigh pain that I get quite often which I think is endo related, my usual pelvic pain and the stomach cramps. So I would recommend giving it a try if you fancy trying a CBD balm for any aches and pains you may have. 

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