An Updated Home Improvements and Homeware Wishlist *

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I thought I'd share with you an updated home wishlist because I really enjoy doing these kinds of posts because I'm always online window shopping. I thought I'd also pop in a few small home improvements we're planning on doing soon into this post too, just to change it up a little. So I hope you enjoy reading this post and I hope it gives you some inspiration if you're planning on buying some new decor or doing some home improvements soon!

Fashion World Nala Piped Reversible Duvet Cover Set (Double) £20Next Artificial Trailing Succulent in Pot £14Radius Mono Lever Tap £95Chickadee Ciao Bath Mat £12

First up is the gorgeous Nala duvet cover set from Fashion World. I recently bought a Polka Dot bedding set from Fashion World which you might have seen me use in my photos recently and it's really nice quality for the price. I like the Nala set because it's pretty neutral and would fit into my room well.

Next up is an artificial trailing plant from Next which I think is cute and it would look nice in most rooms in my house which is always handy when you're having a decor switch up. I did buy a String of Hearts plant before Christmas but I literally killed it in about two weeks so that's why I'm looking at artificial plants instead. I can just about look after a succulent/cactus but anything else is a no from me. 

We're currently focusing on updating the bathroom and so far we've painted the walls a warm turquoise colour to make it a bit more cosier as the bathroom is quite roomy (because it used to be the box bedroom) and we've also recently had a new boiler put in. Now we're looking at making the bathroom a bit more accessible for me and my dad because we both have different health issues which cause us to have chronic pain. So the next thing we're looking at buying is a new sink which would fit the Radius Mono Lever Tap from Disabled Bathrooms because our current taps are standard twist taps that have been in for years and it might sound crazy but sometimes if the taps are a little tight and hard to turn, it can really upset my back pain and/or set off my nervy hip pain. It's really annoying! So it's something that needs to be done sooner rather than later ideally.

I also really like the look of the Ciao bathmat from Chickadee. Unfortunately, it's out of stock as I write this but I really hope it comes back in stock soon because I just think it looks really cute and I think a slight pop of blush pink would look nice in the bathroom against the warm teal-turquoise walls. 

Dunelm Round Ochre Shoe Storage Ottoman £16Phases of The Moon A4 art print from Nikki Strange £14Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100 Wake Up Alarm Clock £90Matalan Woven Elephant Planter £18

I really want an ottoman/footstool for the living room because I feel like I could do with an area where I can put my legs straight out in front of me if that makes sense without having to splash out on a reclining chair. Again, it's mainly because of my pain and making sure I'm as comfy as possible when I'm in the living room. The ottoman I've come across on Dunelm is only £16 and can be used as shoe storage, however, I think I'd just store paperwork or maybe even use it as storage for electrical things like plugs, charging wires, earphones etc.

I'm thinking of changing up my gallery wall again soon, just to give it a refresh. I don't want to change everything but maybe 1-3 prints. So far I've found the Phase of The Moon A4 print from Nikki Strange and I think it's so pretty. I've already got a moon phase print up on my current gallery wall and I love it, but the one I've stumbled across from Nikki Strange has a bit more going on in the print and looks more mystical which I really like.

I don't know if I can class the Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100 Alarm Clock as a homeware piece because I'm more interested in what it does rather than what it looks like. However, it is something I've been eyeing up recently because it's an alarm clock that mimics a real sunrise so when the light wakes you up (at the time you set it at), it supposed to make you wake up feeling super refreshed, calm and not annoyed about waking up to a traditional alarm clock sound. It can also help to regulate your sleep-wake cycle and could boost your mood, energy and productivity and can be used as a lightbox to help treat SAD. I just think it's quite an interesting concept, however, it doesn't come cheap at £90.

I also stumbled across the adorable woven elephant planter whilst I was looking on Matalan for something completely different (oops!). I just think it would lovely in either our living room or in my bedroom with a leafy plant. 

MakeBox The "Painted Ladies" Box £19.99 Argos Home Open Shelf Mirrored Cabinet £28Matalan Terrazzo Effect Planter on Stand £12Wood Wall Refresh in Bedroom

I'm thinking of trying out a couple of crafting boxes because I think it's a nice way to relax my mind whilst also getting a product at the end of it. I really like the look of the MakeBox "Painted Ladies" box which comes with three mini plant pots and everything you need to cast, paint and decorate the mini plant pots. It also has additional pieces to create a cute daisy ring too. The kit comes with succulent seeds aswell so then the succulents look like hairstyles to your painted ladies. I think it looks like such a fun box so if I do end up buying it then I will definitely share my attempt on my insta stories.

The bathroom cabinet we currently have up is literally less than a year old and it's basically falling apart. I know what you're thinking... Kirsty you have lots of skincare so you've probably put too much stuff inside. But no, I haven't. I put a lot of my skincare in the drawers in our bathroom and the heavier skincare products I own I put on the side of the bath which is right next to the sink. I only put the things I'm using a lot in the cabinet. So I've decided it's time to get a new one from a different store, preferably with more shelving where I can put serums and oils etc. So far I've come across the £28 one from Argos which I think fits the bill nicely. 

The Terrazzo Effect Planter from Matalan looks much more expensive than £12, it looks like something from Anthropologie without the big price tag. I think it would be more suited for my bedroom at the moment. I think with a leafy plant it would look lovely.

Lastly is another kind-of home improvement which is painting the tongue and groove wood wall in my room. The wall which my window is on is basically a wood wall which my parents put up when my room used to be their room years ago. It's not to everyone's taste but I personally like the cosy vibes it gives my room, especially in the winter. However, it's starting to look a little worse for wear now and I don't really want to rip it down because I'm so used to it being up and doing it all over again would be a fairly big job. So instead I'm just going to paint it white to give it a new lease of life. I also think that it will help when I'm taking my flatlay photos which I take on my bed usually because the white paint should reflect back onto my bed when I've got my softbox lights on.

What's on your home-related wishlist right now?

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