A Review Of Naturopathica's CBD+ Wellbeing Capsules

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Naturopathica are a CBD brand that I am already familiar with as I buy their lozenges regularly as they're super handy to pop in your bag when you're out and about and help both my chronic pain and anxiety. They now have a range of different CBD+ capsules to try. There's Mind, Unwind, Night, Tumeric, Digestion and Wellbeing to choose from. I decided to choose Wellbeing* to try because they claim the capsules help to support the immune system as the capsules contain 5mg CBD, Vitamin A, B1, C, D2, B12 and E. Each bottle is priced at £39.99* and you get 30 capsules per bottle and take one per day. Here is how I got on with using them...

I personally struggle to take most pills even something simple like paracetamol as I just find it hard to swallow them but I thought once I got used to taking the capsules I would be okay, however, I'm not going to lie the CBD capsules are a lot bigger than I expected! When I showed them to my mum she literally asked me if they suppositories haha. So as I expected, I found it really hard to swallow the first capsule I tried so I decided to just take the capsule apart (which is easy to to do but still a bit of a faff each day) and empty the contents into a glass of water instead and take it that way. I don't know if that affects the efficiency of the capsule or not, but it's the only way I could give the CBD capsules a proper try.

They taste and smell very orange-y like normal multivitamins and I do think I had a bit more energy than usual whilst taking the capsules, however, I'm guessing that's the vitamins helping me (so I must be lacking in something vitamin-wise even though it didn't show up in my latest blood test results!). I just feel like if I remembered to buy and take multi-vitamins each day which are less than £5 per month, I would have the same results. In terms of the 5mg CBD, I do feel like it helped with my regular daily pain and anxiety but not as much as other CBD products I use such as CBD oil or CBD Muscle Balm. So overall I don't think the Wellbeing Capsules from Naturopathica are for me personally. I also felt like taking the capsules apart each day was turning into a bit of a faff every morning too. I do think they would be good for people in the winter months who maybe are prone to getting colds/flu and achy joints as not only do they have the vitamins they also have the CBD present which is good for inflammation.

The full range of Naturopathica's CBD+ Capsules are available from Holland & Barrett for £39.99 each.

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