Alcohol-Free and Baby Safe Hand Sanitizer and Barrier Cream From FulviSafe *

-This post is in collaboration with FulviSafe-
Making sure our hands are clean is something we should all be on top of in general day-to-day life and even more so with Coronavirus still about. In today's post, I'm going to be talking about FulviSafe's Alcohol-Free and Baby Safe Hand Sanitizer and Barrier Cream which is available from their website. Because I've obviously been washing my hands even more than usual during the lockdown and whilst Coronavirus is still about, my hands have definitely taken the brunt of it and have been really dry, itchy and I've even had cracked skin between the fingers at times, which just isn't a nice look and can even be painful but obviously making sure my hands are super clean is more important. I have used a number of different hand moisturisers and hand washes and some have definitely worked better than others, however, something which I do find really dries out my skin but is still an essential product is hand sanitiser because of its high alcohol contents. So when I was introduced to FulviSafe's alcohol-free and baby-safe Hand Sanitizer priced at £5.50* and their Barrier Cream priced at £7* I couldn't wait to try them both out and see if they help my poor dry hands. 

The products are bio-secure, eco-friendly and contain no harmful chlorine compounds (bleach). The range contains patented ingredient Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA) which is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of all germs including SARS-related viruses.

Both of the products have a lovely Rose-Geranium scent which kind of smells like something that you would smell whilst visiting a spa, which was kind of unexpected but definitely a welcome surprise. The hand sanitizer is runnier than a normal gel hand sanitizer but once you've used it a few times, you get used to it and it dries down quickly and gets to work straight away (in as little as 30 seconds!). You also only need a small amount with it being a slightly runnier consistency, which means a little goes a long way.

The Barrier Cream is a great way to make sure your hands are well moisturised throughout the day and it's also formulated with CHD-FA (the same as the hand sanitizer) which means it provides antiviral and antibacterial protection too. It's not super thick but not runny either, so it dries down pretty quickly and leaves your hands feeling super soft!

A closer look at the products - on the left is the Hand Sanitizer and on the right is the Barrier Cream
Both of the bottles are 50ml which means they are the perfect size to pop in your bag when you're on the go and they both have an easy to use flip top lid. With the products being super gentle with them being alcohol-free, it means that they are great for the whole family to use. FulviSafe also have a bundle deal on the website which includes two 50ml hand sanitizers and a 50ml barrier cream for £15.

I really like both of the products and I will probably pick up the bundle deal for myself once I've used both of them up. I love the Rose-Geranium scent and my hands are literally the softest they've been since before everything Corona-related kicked off which just shows how alcohol in products really does dry out your skin. It's nice to know I've found some products that keep my hands super clean but don't dry out my skin.

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