My Current Lifestyle and Fashion Favourites

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I don't think I've ever done a lifestyle and fashion favourites post before, so I thought it was about time I change that and I thought it'd be nice to talk about something different as I know my blog has been very beauty-heavy lately. The majority of these things I've been enjoying since probably around the middle of the lockdown and I'm still loving now, so I feel like they deserve a mention. 

I finally got around to buying a Nintendo Switch in May and I'm still obsessed with it almost three months later. However, I don't want to think about how much money I've spent on games during the lockdown because I may cry... lol.  Playing games really helps to distract my mind which I'm having a crap pain day and I also bought it to try and do some light exercise playing Just Dance on my better pain days as I did really like dancing before I got unwell. I've really been enjoying Rollercoaster Tycoon Adventures which isn't as good as the original RCT but it's not bad and it's quite relaxing too. I also really like LA Noire which is basically the next best thing to Grand Theft Auto for the Switch but you play as a detective instead of a criminal and it's set in the 1940s. I also caved and bought Animal Crossing: New Horizons last week, even though I wasn't sure I'd like it with it being quite slow and tedious. However, to my surprise, I actually love it! It's my favourite game at the minute.

Fashionwise I've been loving wearing smock dresses recently because they hide your lumps and bumps but they're really floaty and comfortable. My favourite places to buy them from are ASOS and Boohoo. I really like that Boohoo's smock dresses don't completely drown you so that's something to keep in mind if you're a shortarse like me! I think my all-time fave is the mustard floral dress from Boohoo, I think it was only around £13 because of a promotion that was on and it looks nice with things I already own such as my oversized light wash denim jacket and my cream Yours cardigan. I've also got a oversized cotton Khaki coloured smock dress which is quite long on me, but it's so nice and cool when the weather is really hot.

Another fashion item I'm obsessed with is my new necklace from Daisy London. It's a piece I've been eyeing up for a while but there's always been something else that I need to buy first that I have to prioritise. So when the opportunity to work with Daisy London again popped up, I was so excited because the necklaces I already own from Daisy are some of my go-to fave necklaces and I wear them all the time, either on their own or layered up with others. The 18ct Gold Plate Rising Sun Frame Necklace* from Estee Lalonde's first collection has fitted really nicely into my jewellery collection. It looks great layered or on its own and it's just one of those effortless necklaces that goes with pretty much everything. From slogan t-shirts, plain tops, dresses that need a little something extra (like the Khaki dress I was talking about earlier!) and even busy prints, I just love it and I've already had compliments on it too. I also really like the (free) optional gift packaging which includes a soft drawstring pouch, signature Daisy box and a gift bag so whether you're buying something for someone else or treating yourself, it just makes it that little bit more special. 

Next up is the AVON Planet Spa Aromatherapy Calm Body Mist which is kind of a beauty favourite but it does also slot into the lifestyle niche as I've been using it as both a sleep/pillow mist and a body mist. It doesn't smell like your typical lavender-scented sleep spray which can get a bit samey and sometimes overpowering. AVON's Calm Body Mist contains Chineses Eucalyptus and Mint essential oils and it's just really relaxing and I've been reaching for it a lot especially when I'm meditating

I've been on the hunt for some nice comfort bras that contain no wiring but some light padding for ages but everything I've tried so far just hasn't been right. I really wanted to give Molke a try but they're behind on orders because of COVID-19 but they're definitely on my "to try" list as their bras look super comfortable, supportive and cute. However, I kind of stumbled across Peacocks comfort bras which are £5(!) and cater up to a size 22-24 and they're actually really good. They've got adjustable stretchy straps, no fastenings so you just pop it over your head and they're also super soft too. They don't give loads of support but I personally feel like they give me enough and for £5 I think they're a steal.

I've also been basically inhaling Peppermint tea lately because I feel like it's been helping with my bloating because I've been having issues with bloating alongside my pain over the past month or so and I've also been trying to cut back on my sugar intake a little too so it's a great alternative instead of a sweet cup of tea. 

Lastly is something that has literally been game-changing to me which is the TADA! Crease & Odour Remover which I think was around £4-£5. I really struggle to iron my clothes because of my chronic pain, I even bought a steamer last year thinking it would make life easier, however, I actually find using the steamer causes more pain than using a normal iron which is kind of bizarre. So when I came across TADA!'s Crease and Odour remover I just had to try it and guess what? It really does work! You just spray it on the item of clothing, wait a minute or two and then pull the item of clothing gently and the creases literally drop out. I bought mine on Amazon but it's not available right now but it's apparently available in Tesco. There are other brands such as Lenor who do the same thing or similar product too. 

What have been your lifestyle and/or fashion faves recently?

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  1. I definitely need to check out animal crossing, so many has been obsessing over it

  2. That daisy necklace is gorgeous. I've got the snake chain in silver and I love it!

    Zoey |