My Thoughts On Baylis & Harding's Beauticology Lemon Meringue Collection

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I received a surprise parcel from Baylis & Harding a few weeks ago with their Beauticology Lemon Meringue collection which includes a Shower Creme, Bath Foam and Hand Wash. I love the bottle designs of the Lemon Meringue collection, the sweet shop stripes and tropical vibes really brighten up the bathroom and look cute sitting on the side of the bath which is always a nice touch. 
I'll be honest, if I saw the Lemon Meringue offering from Baylis & Harding in a shop or online, I would probably skip it just because usually, I'm not a massive fan of lemon scents. I find that sometimes they smell a bit washing up liquid-like which is why I was a little worried when I first received the range and saw that it was Lemon Meringue scented. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very sweet lemon scent, but not sickly sweet. It really does smell good enough to eat (but obviously don't do that haha!). The scent is described as a tangy fresh lemon and citrus zest combined with sweet creamy vanilla and I think that describes it perfectly.

I would say my favourite out of the three so far is the Shower Creme RRP £3*, just because it lathers up really easily and smells delightful. However, I have noticed that the scent doesn't really stick around for long once you're out of the shower or bath which is a shame. I kind of wish there was a body lotion or body butter within the range so the smell would (hopefully) stick around for longer. The Bath Foam RRP £3* creates a lovely blanket of bubbles which I expected because I do really like their bath foams in general and I feel like not enough people talk about them and the Hand Wash RRP £2.15* cleanses your hands nicely without drying them out like a lot of other hand washes I've been using during lockdown have done, however, I have found a solution to my dry, cracked hands which I talk more about in this blog post

The Lemon Meringue collection is available to buy from Boots, along with many other Baylis & Harding scents if this one doesn't sound like your cup of tea. 

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  1. This sounds so dreamy. x

    Zoey |

  2. These look amazing and I like how you describe scent. I think that I would like it. Thank you for sharing.

    New Post -

  3. What a gorgeous package to receive! Lemon Meringue sounds like it would smell divine x
    Amber |