A Mini Round-Up Of What I've Been Trying Out Recently...

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Because I'm a little behind on my blog right now for a number of reasons, I thought I'd do a round-up blog post of products I've been trying out recently instead of doing single reviews for each as I feel like I don't have enough to say to warrant a stand-alone review for each product but I still want to review them on my blog. So here is a mini round-up review post...

I've been wanting to try the REN Skincare Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic (From £15) for a while because so many people rave about how good it is and I've picked up a number of REN products since last year and I've liked pretty much everything. So I decided to pick up a mini bottle on Depop so I could finally see if it really is as good as people say it is and I've got to say, I'm impressed. It helped to brighten up and even out my skin a little after about 3 uses and I feel like it helped to settle down any active spots too. I also prefer the scent to the Pixi Glow Tonic as well as it's more citrusy and fresh which makes it especially nice to use first thing in the morning. As always, if you are going to pick up a chemical exfoliator, remember to always use an SPF as it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun.

I've also been putting the Tropic Perfect Skin Resurfacing Body Lotion RRP £28* (with optional mitt) to the test for probably around a month now. You can buy it with the exfoliating mitt or without but the idea is that you exfoliate your dry skin before showering and then apply the body lotion after your shower. It contains plant AHAS (Sugarcane derived glycolic acid and pomegranate enzymes), Noni Fruit Extract and Papaya Oils. The product itself smells really nice, kind of like sweets which I really liked as other resurfacing body lotions I've tried have had a weird smell. The product itself is quite thin so a little goes a long way. Unfortunately, although I have seen some improvements in my skin, particularly on the back of my arms where I have Keratosis Pilaris, I found the product leaves a sticky feeling behind after every use. I've really tried to make it work for me but the stickiness kind of puts me off wanting to use it which is a shame. 

Whilst browsing ASOS New In section I noticed that they had started to sell Mylee products and there were a few gel polish shades that really caught my eye and for £6.50 each I just had to give them a whirl. I wasn't even sure if they'd work with my Red Carpet Manicure UV lamp but I decided to pick them up anyway and so far I really like them, The colours look like what the photos suggested and I feel like they hold up well and they also worked fine with my RCM Structure Base Coat and Brilliance Top Coat which is handy. I picked up the shades Sky Dive, Lavender Fields and Once in a Blue Moon.

I've been trying to make an effort to be more sustainable particularly when it comes to beauty as it's a big part of my life. I've already made a number of eco-friendly swaps over the past year from switching out sanitary pads for Period Underwear, using Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads to remove makeup and apply beauty treatments, not accepting as much PR as I used to and more. I was considering buying a Safety Razor but I was a little worried about dealing with actual razor blades because I'm so clumsy and would probably end up in A&E lol. So when I saw a few YouTubers who I watch work with Estrid I was intrigued and picked up their Starter Kit. The 5-blade razor is 100% vegan and the starter kit is £7.95 with free shipping and comes with the razor handle, a shower hook and two razors which are really easy to pop on and take off. You can also choose what colour you want, however, I did choose Blush Pink and Space Purple turned up instead which was a little annoying. They also have other products to add-on if you want to as well, I didn't because I already have a few hair removal creams on the go. The razor itself is honestly amazing, at first I thought it hadn't done anything because it glided over my skin so smoothly and I think it's good that you can choose whether to have the refill razors every month, two months or three months. Also if you don't get along with the razor then you can just cancel your subscription by logging into your account. I highly recommend giving it a try if you're wanting to be more eco-friendly and in the market for a new razor.

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  1. I have been seeing these Estrid razors everywhere at the moment! x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I really want to try out REN skincare, I've heard so many good things about it!
    Chloe X https://www.chloepryce.com/