How To Organise A Virtual Christmas Party *

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 How to organise a virtual Christmas party 

As we all know, the world is facing a very different festive season this year. You might be continuing to work from home yourself while wondering what your Christmas celebrations will look like amid continued social distancing and self-isolation. 

Well, the good news is that you can still hold a Christmas party. You’ll just have to make it a virtual one! And here are some great ideas for how to organise it, whether you’re planning a party with work colleagues or just friends and family. 

Make sure everyone can use the technology 

Who even knew what Zoom was this time a year ago? Now, it’s fundamental to how so many of us work and keep in contact with others.   

If you’re organising a virtual ‘office’ party, there’s a strong chance that every would-be guest will have been using this now-ubiquitous video conferencing software already. The situation may be different, though, if you’re hosting less tech-proficient relatives. 

Whatever the situation, make sure in advance that everyone agrees on the software to use, and can easily use it without any technical troubles. 

Send fun virtual invitations 

Virtual invitations have been a ‘thing’ since long before the pandemic, so this should be a slightly easier aspect of your online Christmas party to organise. Sites like Punchbowl offer gorgeously-presented Yuletide-themed invites that you can send by text or email for free. 

Give everyone a ‘party pack’ 

You’ll need to depend on our under-pressure postal service for this one. So, be sure to send every attendee their pack well in advance, to give them enough time to receive it ahead of the party. 

This pack could include festive party essentials from a wholesale retailer such as GO International, ranging from Christmassy tableware and balloons to decorations and even ‘Secret Santa’ gifts. Yes, you can still do an office ‘Secret Santa’ even in the current strange times, although this will require a certain amount of coordination in good time before the party. 

Whatever you include in the party pack, the idea is to make everyone feel included in the same celebrations. So, feel free to allow your imagination to go wild (within reason!). 

What about including a gingerbread-making kit or hot chocolate kit, for example, or props for the party attendees to wear on the video call, such as oversized sunglasses and a Santa hat? You might even like the idea of including a hymn sheet for a ‘virtual carol karaoke’! Just make sure none of the participants sing so enthusiastically that they disturb the neighbours.

Organise virtual entertainment 

This year has been a tough one for professional performers like musicians and comedians, as well as venues such as theatres and comedy clubs. Many of them, however, have adapted their businesses to the online arena, including by offering live-streamed or pre-recorded performances. 

So, why not take advantage of the availability of many entertainers for this kind of service, perhaps even getting them to communicate a personalised message or interact with your party guests? 

Hosting a virtual Christmas party may seem an awkward idea at first, but when you get the above details right, you’ll soon realise how much fun it can be for everyone present. And let’s face it – this year is definitely a year when we need the escapism. So, be bold with what you plan!  

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