3 Steps For Decluttering Your Life Over Lockdown *

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The pandemic has been a time of great struggle for many, though it has given many homeowners the ability to finally get round to all the tasks they had put off in the year prior. 

While vaccines are now in play and plans for easing the lockdown are coming to light, things are far from over. There’s still a considerable period of time left ahead where people across the nation can expect to stay at home and continue with their many different domestic projects. One of these is surely decluttering! If you’re currently sifting through the debris of a hectic life yourself, then the following three tips might just help you meet your goals in the weeks or months ahead and fulfil your quota for a good spring clean. 

Buy Better, Not Less

Many people make the mistake that decluttering must mean purging the home space of all non-essential goods. However, this is a pretty major misconception, so it’s best to kick things off here first. 

You needn’t freeze your bank accounts. Instead, you simply need to make sure that what you buy is of high-quality, an indisputably stellar purchase. After all, there’s a difference between ‘junk’ and a Ferrari! Decluttering is easier done when your spending habits are in check, and you’re only buying the best from the best. 

For example, when it comes to fashion, companies like Consigned Sealed Delivered provide timeless classics, limited editions, and future collectibles, so you’re guaranteed to bag something memorable after browsing their wares. Their exciting range of pre-owned designer clothes and accessories come with free UK delivery too. Notably, you can also sell your own goods with them, helping you to get your own storage in order too. 

Donate Belongings to Charity 

Is your clutter just junk, or would it mean more to someone else?

When you can see that your efforts have greatly improved somebody’s prospects, the feeling of goodwill shared between you all can be a big motivating factor to declutter. Old clothes could brighten a struggling family’s day, and so too can unused children’s toys and numerous other forgotten belongings you may find scattered about your home. 

Donate what you can. What reason could you have not to? If you can put yourself out there for your community and bring smiles to the faces of the people living day-to-day, then you will experience a more wholesome event than visiting your local rubbish tip. 

Bite the Bullet

A good spring clean can be incredibly tough when it seems like you’re surrounded by objects of sentimental value.

After all, even a rubbish picture can be precious if your child drew it for you. While some items you can understandably not bear to part with, others you might need to be brave with, bite that bullet, and just throw it away. 

The feeling of success here comes with time. The state of your surroundings can play a big part in your overall wellbeing, and if you can remain committed to the grind you should begin to feel better eventually. It’s about clearing the air and not only removing physical baggage but often emotional and mental baggage also. Start small, and eventually, you will breathe free once again when you look back and see your progress.    

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