New In From Typology! | Face and Body Scrub Range

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Typology have recently launched their body and face scrub range and they asked if I would be interested in trying them out. I love using scrubs when you can feel the 'scrub' if you get what I mean so I obviously yes, please! The range consists of the Toning Body Scrub with Green Coffee Macerated Oil RRP £21.80, Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil RRP £19.60, Radiance Face Scrub with Rosehip Oil RRP £20.40 and Regenerating Face Scrub with Olive Squalane RRP £20.40.

I was sent the Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil* and the Regenerating Face Scrub with Olive Squalane* to give a whirl and here is my review...

The Nourishing Body Scrub with Sweet Almond Oil* is priced at £19.60* which I'll be honest is a little more than I tend to pay for a body scrub. I'm usually happy to spend up to around £15 for a body scrub, however, Typology are a natural, vegan and cruelty-free brand whose products have been stripped back to the basics and don't contain any harsh or suspect chemicals. All of their products and packaging is recyclable as well which is a big plus so I don't mind paying a bit extra. 

The scrub itself is described as a melting exfoliating gel with apricot kernel micro grains to soften and nourish your skin with active ingredients: Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Organic Lavandin Super Essential Oil.

You apply it to clean, dry skin and massage to gently exfoliate. Then add a small amount of water so that the oil then transforms into a lotion and then rinse off. I tend to use it in the shower when I'm having a pamper kind of shower rather than a quick shower, so I'll dry myself whilst I'm still in the shower, apply the scrub and then add a small amount of water to turn the oil into lotion and then rinse away. It is a really nice scrub that's gentle but still leaves you feeling smooth and it also smells lovely thanks to the Lavandin essential oil. I really like to use it in the evening because I feel like the lavender scent really helps you to unwind and the scent is a nice calming lavender scent and not an overpowering lavender scent.

The Regenerating Face Scrub with Olive Squalene* is priced at £20.40 and described as a triple textural transformation to exfoliate the skin, unclog pores and refine skin texture. Leaving the skin nourished and smoothed and the complexion more radiant. With active ingredients: Plant-based Squalane and Geranium Rosat Essential Oil.

Once again the exfoliating gel turns into an oil once you apply it which make it easier to glide over your skin and massage in. You then add water to turn it into a milky lotion and then rinse away.

I love the smell of this face scrub, it's got that spa-like treatment smell which I'm guessing is down to the Rose Geranium oil - it's lovely! I feel like this face scrub has been helping with congestion, particularly on my chin which is great because I tend to get a lot of micro blackheads and some small whiteheads on my chin which is something I've struggled with for years. It also leaves your skin looking fresher and more radiant like it claims to do, so it gets a big thumbs up from me. 

Overall I like both of the new scrubs from Typology I was sent to try out. I like the gel to oil to lotion kind of formula and although they are both a little pricier than I would usually pay I would repurchase them both again, particularly the face scrub as I really feel like it's been making a difference to my skin.

Have you tried any products from Typology?

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