What I've Been Watching and Listening To Lately

I realised that I haven’t done a ‘What I’ve Been Watching and Listening To’ post since January. January! Where has that time gone? I’ve definitely watched a lot of things since then, particularly TV shows and I also have a few songs and albums that I’ve been loving that I want to talk about in this post too. So let’s get cracking...

First up is Finding Alice which was on ITV back in January and it should still probably be on ITV Hub. It’s about a family who move into their dream house, however, it quickly turns pear-shaped when Alice’s husband Harry is found dead at the bottom of the stairs on the first night of being in the new house. The show then follows Alice, their daughter Charlotte and the rest of the family dealing with the grief, disruption as well as secrets that Harry had kept from his family. It’s kind of a dark comedy-drama is the best way to describe it. It’s not all doom and gloom but it obviously touches on the grief aspect as expected. I really enjoyed it and I really hope it gets renewed for a second season.

The Bay Season 2 was really good and I’d highly recommend watching it from the beginning if you haven’t already. If you’re into crime dramas then I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. I actually think I liked season 2 more than season 1 but you have to watch the first season to know what’s going on. I'm not going to say anything about Season 2 here because I don't want to spoil it but Season 1 is about Lisa Armstrong who is a detective sergeant family liaison officer who gets called in on an investigation about a missing brother and sister who are twins. However, Lisa doesn't realise that the father of the twins, who is a potential suspect is the person she had a one night stand with the night before whilst on a girl's night out. So she is now is alibi... but will she own up?

I also watched The Great earlier in the year and I'm looking forward to watching Season 2. It's funny, sarcastic and also quite crude. It follows Elle Fanning who plays a royal woman from Germany who is in love with the idea of love however that soon changes when her family marry her off to no other than Emperor Peter III played by Nicholas Hoult who is basically a complete nutcase. So when she realises he won't change his ways and how he runs Russia, she plots to kill him so she can rule Russia in the way she wants it to be run. It's definitely not 100% accurate on the real Catherine the Great, it's described as being loosely accurate but it's still really good. It's available on STARZPLAY (via Amazon).

I also really enjoyed DNA Family Secrets which is still available to watch on BBC iPlayer. It's presented by Stacey Dooley and it follows people who want to find out more about their family background. It follows people who were given up for adoption and want to know more about their father/mother,  people who need to know whether certain genes are in their genes because of health concerns, people who want to know their ethnicity and more. 

The Syndicate Season 4 was really good and it's still available on iPlayer. I've been following The Syndicate series since the first series which came out years ago but you don't have to watch every season to follow it as they're all separate storylines. Season 4 follows some staff members who work at Woodvale Kennels who find out that they've won some money on the lottery, however, all is not what it seems when they realise they haven't just won £500 between them, it looks like they've actually won £27 million, however, the ticket that won has already been claimed by somebody else. So it then follows the group of friends trying to track down and get their lottery ticket back.

I haven't watched a lot of films lately and any films I have watched were either films I've seen loads of times before or they were just not very good. But I finally watched Toy Story 4 earlier in the year and I thought it was actually better than Toy Story 3. Toy Story 2 is still my all-time fave though. I don't care that I'm 27 and talking about Toy Story (lol) because the film series is so nostalgic to me because I watched them a lot when I was growing up.

For music, I've been listening to Royal Blood's latest album Typhoons a lot since it was released at the end of April. It's quite different to their previous albums but a good kind of different if you get what I mean. My favourite songs from the new album are Boilermaker, Million and One and Who Needs Friends.

I've also been listening to Blossoms quite a lot recently, particularly their album Foolish Loving Spaces. They released an extended edition of the latest album late last year and I've been obsessed with the song Pure Pop ever since. I also really like Something For The Mind and Under The Sun from the extended edition as well.

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