Affordable Blog Prop Ideas

Whether you're just starting out blogging or if you want to spruce up your blog/insta photos without breaking the bank, blog props are kind of essential in order to add some extra interest to your photos and a way to make them stand out. I wrote a blog post wayyy back in 2017 all about affordable blog prop ideas when I was on a very tight budget after quitting my retail job but I still like to pick up affordable blog props because I love getting a bargain, especially if it looks more expensive than it really is. So here are some affordable blog prop ideas and where to pick them up from... 

Faux Flowers and Plants - Home Bargains, Dunelm, Shein

As you've probably guessed by now, I’m a sucker for faux flowers and plants in my photos. I think they just make any photo instantly look prettier and they’re also a great space filler as well. All of my faux flowers and plants are from either Home Bargains, Dunelm or Shein. 

Candles - H&M and B&M 

I think candles can make a photo look quite cosy and there are obviously lots of different options to choose from when it comes to candles from tealight candles and pretty holders, jar candles like Yankee Candle and cute, quirky candles that have a little more personality like the cat candle I picked up from B&M pictured above. 

Fairy Lights - Amazon, Poundland, B&M, Home Bargains

Fairy Lights are another great way to make your photos look cosy and give some personality. I used to love using fairy lights in my photos years ago and I think I might actually bring them back into my photos again soon. I picked up a lot of my fairy lights from Poundland but there are obviously lots of places you can get them from.

Ribbon - Ebay or Amazon, Reuse from Gifts

Ribbon is another fave of mine when it comes to my blog/insta photos. I try and save any pretty looking ribbon that might be on Christmas and Birthdays gifts to potentially use in my blog photos and I've also picked some up from Ebay and Amazon recently as well for a few pounds.

Trinket Dishes - Sass & Belle, New Look and B&M

A lot of the trinket dishes I use in my photos are ones I've had for a few years now. Quite a few were from ASOS when they used to sell homeware but obviously, they don’t really sell homeware anymore. Sass & Belle are a great place to look for cute trinket dishes and you can also sometimes drop on some pretty trinket dishes in New Look and B&M as well. Also, my crystal-looking resin jewellery dish/plates things that I get asked about quite often are from eBay. Just search "Resin jewellery dish holder" or something along those lines to find lots of different styles and colours.

Blankets, Jumpers, Cardigans

Blankets, Jumpers and Cardigans are a great way to make a photo look cosier and to also add some texture to a photo as well and obviously, they are something you probably already own in your wardrobe.

Breakfast Trays - B&M, Amazon / Wood Log Slice - Amazon / Small Wooden Chopping Board - H&M

If you want a "platform" to put your products or whatever you're taking a photo of on then I think breakfast trays look great and they're also really affordable if you shop at the right place. The white one I currently have is from B&M and I think it was less than a fiver. Amazon also sells them for a decent price as well for around £10-£15 and you can usually get them in different colours/sizes as well. 

I picked up a Wood Log Slice for my photos last year as we went into the Autumn because I thought it would look nice for the season and I love adding something natural into my photos and it's definitely become a firm favourite. I'm pretty sure it was only around £12 and it's a decent size as well because it's supposed to be used as a cake stand. I also still like to use the small wooden chopping board that I got from H&M a few years ago.

Books, Magazines and Notebooks are also something that you probably already have at hand that you can use in your blog/insta photos. It’s a great way to put that box or drawer full of empty pretty notebooks to use!

Backgrounds - White A2 Foamboard - Amazon, The Range, Hobbycraft / Wallpaper Samples - B&Q / Bedding - George at Asda and Argos

White A2 Foamboard is an absolute essential for my blog/insta photos because I take my flatlay photos on my bed so I need a stable surface and I also use it when I use my vinyl backdrops as well.

 You can also pick up free wallpaper samples from places like B&Q and you can pick out multiple different backgrounds that way and it's free. I also like to try and buy bedding that not only obviously matches my bedroom style and colours but I also like to choose bedding that can be used as a photo background as well so then it’s kind of a multi-use item. 

Tissue Paper - Ebay, Paperchase

I also get asked quite often about the gold speckle tissue paper that I use in my photos on top of the white foamboard. I just think it's a nice background and adds something more to my photos a lot of the time. I usually pick it up from different sellers on Ebay so if you type something like "gold fleck tissue paper" or "gold foil reflections tissue paper" or something along those lines you should be able to find it. I never spend more than a couple of quid on a pack of 3 or 5 sheets. Paperchase sometimes sell it as well.

A Gallery Wall - Poundland, George at Asda 
{* My Desenio Gallery Wall contains a mixture of gifted and paid for prints/frames}

I love my gallery wall in my bedroom and it's a great place to take a quick snap of a product and I think it also breaks up my insta feed a little as well. However, my gallery wall prints and frames (apart from two frames) are all from Desenio who I love but it can get a little expensive if you want a number of prints in one space. So if you want to create a gallery wall on the cheap (I'm talking less than £20-£25) then I'd definitely check out Poundland. I've also noticed that George at Asda have recently started to sell Gallery Wall sets as well.

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  1. Love these ideas, especially the wood log slice! I have lots of these things, I just struggle to put them all together ��

  2. Love these ideas! Tissue paper is a great idea. I just recently started using clothes… always felt like props had to be expensive and fancy, but the nicest bits are so simple and usually staring you in the face! x

  3. Love these ideas! Tissue paper is a great idea. I just recently started using clothes… always felt like props had to be expensive and fancy, but the nicest bits are so simple and usually staring you in the face! x