An Introduction To Peace Out Skincare

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I'm back with another skincare review today and I'm talking about US brand Peace Out Skincare who recently launched in Boots. I was kindly sent over two products to try out from their acne range which couldn't have come at a better time because my skin has been really playing up lately. Their mission is to help bring peace to your skin through effective, clean and fun skincare solutions. From innovative one-step solution to daily routines, there's something for everyone. 

First up is their Peace Out Acne Dots RRP £17 (for 20 dots)* that come in funky, eye-catching packaging and combine healing hydrocolloid polymer technology with potent salicylic acid to minimise spots overnight. They claim that they decongest pores and absorb impurities, reduce the look of redness and irritability and prevents picking and you should see results within 6 hours (results may vary). I am already familiar with these kinds of spot dots because I have been using them for a while and I've tried a few different brands versions. After trying the Peace Out Acne Dots a few times, I feel like I get better results from my go-to brand for these called Dots For Spots (on Amazon), they're cheaper and their stickers turn pretty much invisible on my skin whereas Peace Out's have quite a yellow-y tone on my pale skin. The one positive about Peace Out's Acne Dots are that they are bigger than Dots For Spots offering so if you have quite a big spot to deal with or are prone to quite large whitehead spots then these would probably be great for tackling them. 

I was also sent their Peace Out Acne Serum RRP £31* which is described as a lightweight daily all-over treatment that helps to eliminate and prevents spots to reveal clearer smoother skin. They claim that it helps to decongest pores and banish blemishes, reduces the look of redness, gently hydrates and helps to brighten the look of dark spots. It contains 2% Salicylic Acid which penetrates pores to clear spots and prevents new ones from forming, Niacinamide + Vitamin C which helps to brighten the look of dark spots and evens the skin's appearance, Zinc to help balance natural oils to decongest pores and Triluronic Acid which helps to keep the skin moisturised and calm.

The Acne Serum packaging is simple but cute, it kind of gives me Glossier vibes in a way. I love that it contains Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide because they are my holy grails which it comes to sorting out my skin when it's playing up. It's easy to apply and doesn't leave your skin feeling tacky or tingly or anything like that (obviously if it does tingle/sting then you could be having a reaction). You can use the Acne Serum twice daily, however, I've found that my skin prefers it when I use it once a day so I've been applying it at night (most days) and it definitely helps to clear up existing spots and I think my skin also looks a little brighter than normal as well. It's gone straight on my go-to everyday skincare shelf which shows you how much I like it.

Overall it's a shame the Acne Dots didn't really work for me but I think even if they did, I would still stick to Dots For Spots just because they're a lot cheaper. But I really like the Acne Serum and will definitely be continuing to use it. I'm also interested in trying out a few more products from Peace Out Skincare in the future such as their Blemish Balm RRP £20 and maybe even their Retinol Eye Stick RRP £25. 

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  1. I love your photography! That daily serum sounds fantastic, salicylic acid and niacinamide are two of my favourite skincare ingredients x

    mia //

  2. Sounds like an interesting brand - I've never heard of them before