What's New From Typology | Face Masks and A 10-Ingredient Body Moisturiser

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I’ve reviewed quite a lot of products from natural, vegan and cruelty-free brand Typology on my blog this past year and I’m back again with my thoughts on some of their new releases. I’ve been trying out two of their new face masks which are the Purifying Mask with charcoal and organic nettle* and Peeling Mask with organic red fruit acids* as well as their minimalistic 10-ingredient Body Cream/Moisturiser RRP £21.50* and I thought that I would share my thoughts in today's post.

I'm a sucker for a face mask and if truth be told I'm actually a bit of a face mask hoarder so I was obviously excited to give Typology's new face masks a whirl. The Purifying Mask definitely sounded more up my street with my skin being quite oily and spot-prone but the Peeling Mask sounded appealing as well.

I was a little apprehensive about using the Purifying Face Mask RRP £21.80* with it having organic stinging nettle in the active ingredients along with pine charcoal and green clay. However, Typology claim that stinging nettle is great for spot-prone skin because it has elements such as zinc, copper and sulphur which are all great for calming down inflamed skin and regulating sebum production. I finally plucked up the courage to try it and thankfully my skin was totally fine with it and I've actually used it a number of times already. I definitely feel like the Purifying Face Mask helped to settle down any angry spots and it also leaves your skin feeling really clean and soft which I like. It smells kind of fresh with a hint of pine charcoal and it also dries down within about 10-15 minutes and is easy to remove with a warm wet flannel. Typology claim that the mask is suitable for all skin types but particularly for people who have combination to oily skin type.

The other mask that they sent over for me to try is the Peeling Mask RRP £26.90* which has active ingredients of blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry acids - PHA - cranberry powder. They describe it as a double-action chemical and mechanical exfoliator which renews skin and unclogs pores. I'll be honest even though I've seen some positive results after using this face mask a number of times, I'm really not a fan of the smell of it, I think it's the blackberry and blackcurrant mingled together, it just smells like an acidic natural smell to me. I was expecting it to smell super fruity but it just doesn't, unfortunately. It does definitely brighten up your skin and gently exfoliates and I like its refreshing gel-like formula but the smell of it just puts me off wanting to use it, which is a shame.

Peeling Mask, Purifying Face Mask and the 10-ingredient Body Cream

Lastly is the 10-ingredient Body Cream RRP £21.50* which is suitable for all skin types. As the name suggests it contains just 10-ingredients each of which is essential for its function and any unnecessary ingredients have been removed. The formula is lightweight and non-greasy which is what I prefer, I'm really not a big fan of body butter or thick moisturisers that take forever to sink in. It's also unscented which I know will be a big plus for people who have really sensitive skin or skin conditions. However I'll be honest, I think I prefer to use a moisturiser that is scented because I like smelling of whatever moisturiser I've used (You can read about my current fave body moisturiser in my latest favourites post here) but it's not necessarily a deal-breaker. So overall I think it's a nice body moisturiser and I like that it doesn't leave a greasy residue and that it sinks in really quickly. 

Have you tried any products from Typology?

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