My Spring Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites

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Now that we're in June, I thought it was about time that I do my Spring favourites post. This year seems to be flying by, doesn't it? There's a mixture of beauty, lifestyle as well as a kind of collective fashion favourite too. So here's what I've been loving this Spring...

First up is the LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel which I've been a fan of for years but I haven't picked up for a while because I've been trying to get through the shower gels we already have in. I treated myself to a little LUSH order for my birthday back in April and decided to pop a small bottle of Rose Jam in the order and I've just become obsessed with the scent all over again. It's a lovely Spring/Summer shower gel and it also lingers a little after having a shower as well. I cannot recommend it enough if you're a fan of floral scents and have yet to try it.

When ~that~ Glossier discount code leaked earlier in the year, I placed an order ASAP because I knew the code wouldn't stick around for long and I picked up some of my favourites including the Glossier Bubblewrap Eye + Lip Plumping Cream. I hadn't picked it up for a while because I'd been testing different eye creams and I've got to say, this is definitely my favourite eye cream. It really does plump up and hydrates your under eyes and I also think it helps with my dark under-eye circles which is something I've struggled with for years. I've got to say that Glossier's Bubblewrap and the Pixi DetoxifEYE Depuffing Under Eye Patches are an absolute dream team together. You can also use Glossier Bubblewrap on your lips and it does plump them slightly but I'm not a big fan of how it feels on my lips personally and I just prefer to use a standard lip balm instead for hydration.

I personally prefer to use a body moisturiser that's on the thinner side in consistency but still has lots of hydrating properties which is why I like The Body Shop's Body Yogurts so much because they're almost like a gel-like texture and they sink into your skin quickly. However I'll be honest, I've gotten a bit bored of the scents I like from The Body Shop's Body Yogurt's range. So when I was sent the Nivea Cherry Blossom and Jojoba Oil Oil in Lotion* I was excited to give it a try as it sounded like exactly what I was looking for. First of all the scent is gorgeous and perfect for this time of the year. It's just really fresh and floral but not super overpowering. The product itself is just like a moisturiser and it sinks into your skin quickly and doesn't leave you feeling tacky or anything which I really like. It just leaves you feeling silky smooth and they also have a couple other different scents in their Oil in lotion range if the Cherry Blossom and Jojoba Oil doesn't sound like your cup of tea.

I picked up Daye's CBD Balm back in February to try out for my chronic back and pelvic pain/suspected endometriosis and I've recently bought another tin. First of all, I love the colourful, eye-catching packaging, it's definitely what drew me into buying it. It has a nice natural kind of lemongrass scent and it's also 400mg so it's a little stronger than my usual 300mg CBD Balm from BeYou (get 10% off BeYou here) and it is good for really bad pain days as I find it helps to reduce my pain a little quicker. However, it does have a few little cons which I just wanted to mention just to be completely transparent. It's greasier/oilier than the BeYou CBD Muscle Balm so I'm using it up a lot quicker than my usual balm and it also has kind of a weird grainy texture when you're applying it but I do like it as I do think it helps with my pain but the cons are just something to consider before purchasing. So I'm still picking up my BeYou CBD balm but I also like to have the Daye CBD Balm in as well as it's slightly stronger.

I've also picked up quite a few more games over the past few months for my switch (I legit think I have a problem and need to start trying to "beat my backlog" haha). I finally bought The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild which everyone who owns a Switch seems to rave about. I wasn't sure I was going to like it because it's not my usual cup of tea but I really liked the open world aspect of it. I even purposely bought the physical copy because I was like 70% sure I wouldn't like it and would end up wanting to sell it. But I actually love it, I find the fighting element of it quite tricky and I'm only like 15 hours into the game so I've barely unlocked the world yet so I'm sure it's just going to get harder (yay...). I also hate how quickly the weapons break but the game itself is captivating, there's no other word to describe it.

I also picked up Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town for the Switch with my birthday money because I really like farming/life sim kind of games as I find them really relaxing and just take your mind off everything. It has elements of both Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley which I love and I think the graphics are quite sweet. You basically get given your grandfather's farm which is all overgrown and it's up to you to clear it and set it all up. There are different areas to unlock and explore as you get further along in the game and like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley there are also townsfolk to meet, shops to shop at, a town hall, a museum and so much more. It's just a nice relaxing game to play.

And lastly, I've been picking up multiple band t-shirts recently from places such as H&M, TU at Sainsbury's and George at Asda because I just find band tees are so comfortable especially when I'm bloated or my pain is flaring up. They’re just easy to kind of throw on and go and they kind of go with anything. I'm a big music lover, I'm particularly into my indie/indie rock music however a lot of official band merch doesn't cater for my size which is annoying. So when I spotted some band tees online from H&M, TU and George at Asda I picked quite a few up whilst they're available. My current favourite is my Bowie T-shirt which was from TU at Sainsbury's recently and I think it was only like £10-12. I also got a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt from George at Asda which I love as well. 

P.S Please ignore the fact that the Bowie T-shirt needs ironing in the photo above. I just couldn't be bothered to iron prior to taking the photos haha.

What have been your Spring favourites this year?

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  1. Rose Jam what a throwback that product is! I used to love it! I'm so intrigued in trying out CBD products as I've not tried anything with it in... xx