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So first of all I just want to say sorry for the recycled blog photo but I just kind of wanted to get this brain dump of a blog post done before I talk myself out of making the changes I feel both myself and my blog/insta need right now. As you will be able to tell from the title I've decided that I'm going to be making some changes to As Told By Kirsty. So in this post, I'm going to be talking about what I'm changing and why. 

So I’ve been really struggling with motivation to write recently and I think it’s a mixture of things causing it. From my physical health not being great because of my usual chronic pain/suspected endo and my new health issue which seems like another problem/area that’s massively overlooked and fobbed in the healthcare system (yay! ~sigh~). Obviously dealing with yet another daily health problem and realising that I’m probably not going to get proper answers for a while/if ever has massively affected my mental health as well so some days I just can’t focus in general on writing but I feel like it kind of comes and goes in waves. Although, alternative remedies like CBD have soared in popularity in recent years as a natural way to combat chronic pain. Because of this businesses that sell CBD products now stock a wide range of unique products to suit all tastes that they source from a wholesale CBD provider like Laurelcrest. These products have become very helpful for both my chronic pain and my mental health. 

I also feel like getting paid work via my blog and Instagram has been very hit and miss lately (which isn’t great when it’s my only income) and it’s just made me like my blog/instagram aren't good enough I guess. In addition to that, there have been some brands/companies who have messed me about, my DA score keeps fluctuating as well as some other things and it’s all just been playing on my mind massively.

I’ve just been feeling quite burned out with what I’m writing about and I feel like I just need to shake things up a little so I kind of fall back in love with blogging again. I still love beauty and lifestyle and they will still be the main focus on my blog but I do have plans for some new content on both my blog and insta for the upcoming months.

First of all, I really want to start writing about video games on my blog here and there, particularly games for the Nintendo Switch as it’s my go-to console. As I’ve said before I obviously like playing games for fun but I also find that they are a great distraction from my pain and also my anxiety when it’s bad. So I feel like bringing that onto my blog might be interesting to some people and it might also bring along some new readers as well. I’m planning on doing mini-reviews of new/new-ish games when I rate them out of 10 and maybe kind of round-up kind of posts of my ‘top 5’ or ‘trying to beat my backlog of games: What I’ve been playing recently’ etc. 

My chronic pain/illness(es) are a massive part of my life and I really want to talk about having a chronic illness/pain more on my blog. So I was thinking about writing about beauty/lifestyle products that I feel are really useful if you’re chronically unwell and things along those lines. I was also thinking about maybe reviewing more ‘health gadgets’ (if that’s the right term??) as I’ve been looking at the Ovira device, acupressure mats, massage guns and more recently to try and help with my pains. 

I also really like to write about blogging in general and I always hope that my blogging related posts might be helpful to new bloggers or people who feel like they’ve lost their way a little and I definitely have some post ideas for this category. I think it’s because my Affordable Blog Props blog post from wayyy back in 2017 has been really popular for some reason during the past few weeks as well and it’s just sparked some inspiration for content. So I think considering that post is over 4 years old, my first new blog related post will definitely be an updated post about affordable blog prop ideas as I've definitely switched things up a bit since then. 

For Instagram, I’m planning on doing more mini-reviews on my grid. I’ve technically already started this but I just feel like products that I’ve bought or I’ve been sent (especially if it’s just one product) might work better over on my Instagram as my review can be snappier. Whereas mini product reviews on my blog don’t seem like enough imo. I think it just depends on the product and how much I have to say about it as well. 

I also want to feature more fashion on my Instagram both for my content shake up and also for my confidence especially when wearing dresses and skirts in particular because I’m struggling at the moment (thank you lockdown!). I’m thinking of doing flatlays, close up kind of photos and maybe full-length mirror photos if I can figure out where to put my full-length mirror where there’s decent lighting and where there’s not a rubbish/potentially messy background in shot haha. 

So yeah, there are my plans for my blog for at least the next few months. I hope you stick around for the change-up! As I've already said I'm still going to be talking about beauty and lifestyle a lot on here (I've got quite a few skincare reviews heading your way) but I just wanted to throw a few new things into the mix as well.

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  1. I hope you get the answers with endo. I have stage 4 and a stoma and it's horrific so can complete relate with chronic pain. x

    Zoey |