Skincare Products and Tools I've Been Testing Out Recently

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I thought I’d do a round-up blog post of some skincare bits I’ve been trying out over the past couple of months. I’ve decided to do this style of blog post instead of single reviews of each brand/product as I’m still slightly behind on my blog posts because I had to take some time off from my blog/work at the end of last year until a few weeks ago (you can read more about that here). Anyway, here are some skincare products and also a skincare device that I’ve been testing out and my overall thoughts on each of them. Hope you find this post helpful! 

First up is the Magnitone Pore Patrol RRP £40* which is a blackhead extractor and deep pore cleanser/exfoliator. Sounds pretty great, right? I received this before Christmas but I’ve only just got around to trying it out recently. I tend to get quite a few blackheads on either side of my nose and also on my chin and this has really helped to get rid of some of them and just remove some of the obvious signs of congestion in those areas. It has 5 interchangeable heads and 5 strength settings, I started off at the lowest setting and worked my way up as I was a little wary. If you do decide to pick this up just make sure you follow the instructions properly and also be careful and only use it for the amount of time it says per area or else you can end up bruising your skin and basically give yourself a hickey (lol!) but I would recommend the device if you struggle with blackheads and pore congestion. 

Dermalogica’s recently sent me their latest release which is their Awaken Peptide Eye Gel RRP £55* along with their Ultimate Eye Wand which is fab for puffy eyes first thing in the morning or to just wake you up a bit if you’ve been staring at your laptop all day. The Eye Gel contains an active blend of Tetrapeptides and Rosemary Leaf Extract to minimise fines lines and puffiness. It also contains bioengineered Succinic Acid and Voandzeia Subterranea Seed Extract which both leave the skin looking more radiant and smoother. I really like the new Awaken Peptide Eye Gel, you can definitely see a difference after using it, particularly if you’ve had a bad night's sleep. It is on the pricier side so I wouldn’t be able to afford it all of the time but I can definitely see myself picking it up here and there as a treat or if there’s an offer on.

I’ve also been trying out some products from fermented skincare brand Florena which Escentual kindly sent over. I was sent a number of products but I really like their Natural Gloss Lip Oil RRP £9.99* and Illuminating Facial Oil RRP £24.99* in particular. The lip oil is just really hydrating and has a nice, lightweight and non-sticky formula, which is great for the price as I’ve paid more money than £9.99 for a lip oil before and it’s been really sticky and just not very nice to use. 

The Illuminating Facial Oil* not only looks lovely with the real petals in the glass bottle but it also works really well. It’s not super oily on the skin and it just kind of ‘lifts’ your skin and makes you look more radiant and awake I guess. You can also use it as a daily moisturiser or as a skincare booster. But overall I would definitely recommend it if you’re skin is looking a bit dull and you’re looking for a vegan formula. 

Liz Earle have just released their brand new Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser* which has a gel-to-oil-to-milk formula and is suitable for all skin types. Its main aim is to deeply cleanse, revitalise and help reduce the look of pores. However, it does also remove makeup, SPF, pollutants and excess oil whilst leaving you with a lovely fresh glow after using it which I really like. You do have to work with the formula a little for optimum results but it is a nice cleanser.  You can also get 15% off the brand new Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser PLUS you can stack the promo and get an extra 20% off selected toners and moisturisers as well with the code GLOW (ends 22nd March) click here to get the offer. Also, did you know that Liz Earle offer a 60 day returns policy? So if a product is not for you then you can return it. 

I’ve also been trying some products from Selfless by Hyram, some of which were nice but haven’t blown me away such as the Centella and Green Tea Hydrating Gel Cleanser*, however, the Mandelic Acid & Rice Bran Gentle Exfoliating Serum RRP £22* is a lovely gentle exfoliator if your skin is on the sensitive side but you want some exfoliation. The whole skincare range is also cruelty-free and vegan which is good to know. I also really like how the packaging looks too. 

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  1. I am SO excited for that new Liz Earle cleanser, I love the original hot cloth cleanser, but this sounds like it would be amazing for the Summertime when I'm using heavy SPF on my skin! Can't wait to give it a try xx