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Changing up the rooms in your house for each season is an easy way to refresh your home and really embrace the season you’re currently in, it can be as simple as adding a new mirror, faux plants, or putting down a cosy rug, changing up the lighting and more. At the moment the majority of my house is looking nice and spring-ready, with the exception of the bathroom we’re currently redecorating (again lol). The last room to be revamped is my bedroom and in today’s post, I’m going to be talking about how I’m planning on changing things up in the coming weeks. 

Adding some new homeware

First of all, I’m going to switch out some of my homeware and buy some new homeware and also reuse some things I’ve already got such as a long macrame wall hanging which I’ve been meaning to put up for a little while. I’m also going to buy a new mirror and a large faux plant, I think it’s best I just buy a faux plant from the get-go as I’ll probably end up killing a real one within a few weeks. I really like the look of Monstera and Snake Plants in particular so I'll more than likely opt for one of those. 

New lighting  

Something else which can really change up a room in your home is lighting. So I’m planning on switching out my basic purple bedside table lamp for something that’s more of a feature and I'm also thinking about putting some warm white strip lighting from Light Supplier across my feature wall above where my gallery wall is as I think it’ll really make the wall kind of ‘pop’ and with it being warm white my room will still look and feel cosy with the extra lighting. 

Switching up my Gallery Wall 

Talking of my gallery wall, I’m going to switch out some of my prints for some different ones just to change things up a little. I already own quite a lot of prints, most of which are from Desenio so I’m just going to have a look through those and pick out a few different ones instead of buying new ones for now. 

New colourful bedding 

I want to get a new duvet cover as I feel like it’s a simple way to change up the theme of a bedroom and for spring I want my room to be more colourful and airy but also still cosy too. For the Spring season, I have a 70s-inspired sunflower print duvet set that I bought last year and love, a polka dot duvet set and I’ve also got my eyes on what's described as a hippy floral duvet set from George at Asda which I'm waiting to come back in stock.

New furniture 

Lastly, I want to buy a new bookcase for my room as I could do with one with some extra height so that I can get another shelf in for more of my clutter obviously lol.

I also want to buy a new swivel chair for my room as my old one is looking a little tired now and it’s also just not great for my back pain. I’m planning on starting to work at my little desk in my room instead of my soft office aka my bed or the sofa to try and improve my posture and hopefully decrease my back pain. I haven’t found one that I like enough and that’s within my budget just yet but I’m determined to find one. I just know I want a white one that has a decent amount of support. 

Are you planning on revamping any rooms in your home this season?

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