7 Ways To Keep Your Home Feeling Warm And Cosy This Autumn

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In today’s post, I’m talking about 7 ways to keep your home feeling warm and cosy this upcoming autumn whilst hopefully saving you some money in the process. I’ve made sure to include a variety of ideas so you can pick and choose which work best for you.

Add blankets to your living room and bedroom 

First up is blankets, fleece blankets or chunky knit blankets are must-haves in your home during the colder seasons. Not only do they make everything look and feel cosier but they’re obviously an excellent way to keep you nice and snug too. 

Buy a heater 

If you work from home and only occupy one or two rooms during the day or if you live alone and are not using multiple rooms at a time then it may be cheaper to just heat the main room that you’re in, instead of heating the entire house. You could Buy an Infrared Heater which, unlike traditional heaters that warm the surrounding air, infrared heaters work differently as they heat items and people directly by radiation and whilst that may sound scary, it is completely safe as it works differently to the radiation found in x-ray machines and germicidal lightbulbs. You also don’t have to wait for them to heat up and they provide warmth as soon as they’re turned on. Additionally, Infrared heaters consume 30-40% less energy, meaning they have a lower operating cost, so they’re ideal if you want to save money. 

Cosy, dim lighting is a must 

Turn off the bright lights and opt for dim lighting to give your home ultimate cosy vibes. I love placing warm white string lights around the house, whether it’s on the wall, on furniture such as my bookcase or by putting them inside old tea light holders, to turn them into mini lamps. Another way to add some cosy, dim lighting is by using candles, I personally like using large jar candles the most. 

Use draft excluders

They may not be the prettiest thing in the world but draft excluders definitely do their job well. They’re particularly useful to place in front of any door that leads outside such as your front door. 

Put a thick rug down in your living area 

Popping a thick rug down in your living area not only creates a more inviting space but a dense rug can help trap warm air inside its fibres which helps to keep the warm air in the room for longer. 

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Use a hot water bottle or an electric heat pad

This one is a pretty obvious one but using either a hot water bottle or an electric heat pad is a good way to keep you warm. Make sure you’re using whichever you choose safely and don’t forget to check the manufacturer date on your hot water bottle before use. They should be replaced every 2 years. 

Put up heavyweight curtains 

If your curtains are on the thinner side then you could put up some heavyweight curtains. These work particularly well in older houses that sometimes aren’t allowed to have double-glazed windows installed due to them being listed. 

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