Create The Perfect Bedroom To Welcome Guests Into Your Home

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Whether your guest bedroom spends most of the time doubling up as a work-from-home space, or you are inundated with guests making sure it looks great, and being ready to put people up when needed is vital. The good news is you can read all about how to overhaul your guest bedroom in the most effective way below. 

Comfy bed 

First of all, if you expect anyone to sleep at your house, even for a single night you will need to invest in a comfortable bed. Where possible and if you have the space a real bed with a proper mattress and headboard is the best option for several reasons.

The first is that no matter how comfy a sofa bed might feel when you try it out, the truth of the matter is that spending any amount of extended time on them can be a challenge, especially if your guests are used to a comfortable bed at home. This may dissuade them from staying as long as they may like, or stop them from coming at all. 

Secondly, when you invest in a proper bed, you can keep it made up at all times. This means you can easily accommodate last-minute or unexpected guests, such as ones that decide to stay after a night out and have a few more drinks. You’ll also have the option of using the spare room to sleep in yourself, which can be a Godsend if you are sensitive to noise, and have a partner who snores or moves around a lot in the night. 

However, it may not always be possible to fit a full-size bed in your spare room. If this is the case for you there are some other options to consider including futons, sofa beds, sofa chairs, and even blow-up mattresses, with the latter taking up very little room as they can easily be deflated and then stored away. 

Tech provision

Most guests now travel with at least one piece of tech - their smartphone and it's highly likely they will bring other items as well such as laptops, portable game consoles like the Switch, as well as headphones. 

All of these items will need to be charged during their stay with you, and that is why it makes sense to install plenty of power points, including USB points. After all, who among us has not forgotten our smartphone plug when travelling at some point?

Additionally, if you plan on using your guest room as a home office space when it's not otherwise occupied, then having all of these charging points will only make it even more convenient for you. 


Seating area 

Another great thing to add to your guest room is a seating area that is not the bed. Usually, a bench at the foot of the bed is a good idea for this. However, a chair or two with a table or unit in between can also work well if you have enough space. 

Somewhere to hang their clothes When having guests over to stay it is a very good idea to give them somewhere to hang their clothes as they get undressed for the night, or the ones they might need the next day. As it's unlikely you will keep an entire wardrobe free for this purpose, after all, space is nearly always at a premium in every home, so it's best to explore another option. 

One such option is to take materials like this powder coated black pipe and create your own clothing rack that is attached to the wall. The great thing about this project is that you can use a connector and create two sides to the rack so it accommodates both worn clothing, and fresh items for the next day. 

Alternatively, a metal or wooden coat stand usually used in hallways for outside coats can also serve this purpose. Although because they tend to be circular they will take up more space in the room. 

Private bathroom and toiletries 

Where possible, you can really make your guests feel as comfortable as possible by providing them with access to a private bathroom stocked with fresh toiletries. Indeed, if you plan to host guests a lot and the space you are working with is large, you may wish to consider removing the room to contain a small bathroom with private access. 

However, if this is not possible in your space, then providing a gift basket with high-end toiletries, and if appropriate a bathroom schedule for the morning so your guests will know when they can use your facilities is the best approach.

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