A Review Of Why So CBD? + A 20% Off Code!

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In today’s post, I’m talking about a new CBD brand called Why So CBD? I’ve talked about CBD and why I use it on my blog before, however, if you’ve not seen any of my previous blog posts or Instagram posts about why I use it, then the reason is because I’ve unfortunately been dealing with chronic pain since 2018. I have chronic pelvic pain and suspected endometriosis and I also have chronic lower back pain. In addition to the pain, I also struggle with anxiety which can sometimes affect my sleep as well. I’ve stuck to the same few CBD brands and products over the past couple of years just because they seem to work for me and are within my budget and I’ll be honest, nothing new has really stood out to me, well, that was until Why So CBD? got in touch recently. They have also given me a 20% code to share with you which I'll pop at the end of this post.

Why So CBD? are a cruelty-free brand which sells a wide range of CBD products from gummies, oil, capsules, disposables, E-liquids and extracts. So there is literally something for everyone. Their products are made from 100% USA organic hemp, ensuring purity and potency with no artificial additives. They are committed to transparency and safety and their products are rigorously tested by third-party labs. 

Obviously, if you are thinking of trying CBD for the first time then you should talk to your doctor and research it first. You need to be 18+ to buy/use it and it shouldn’t be used to treat or diagnose any health issues. It’s also not suitable for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Over the past few years, I’ve been using a mix of CBD muscle balm and CBD oil to help with pain relief as well as CBD oil to help my anxiety when it’s bad. Another reason why I choose to use CBD is because I usually struggle with prescription medication as I tend to be quite sensitive to the side effects of medication (i.e. headaches, weight gain, stomach issues etc). So I’m only on a couple of prescription meds which I literally have to be on and then I use OTC pain relief and CBD as well as other things such as my tens machine, heat pad etc. 

My Thoughts On Why So CBD?

Why So CBD? stood out to me and made me want to try their products because they have a wide range of products available at affordable prices and some of the products are available in a fun selection of flavours too. 

 Talking of their fun flavours, I chose the 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Small Vegan Gummies - Strawberries RRP £14.99* and the 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Small Vegan Gummies - Bubblegum Bottles RRP £22.99* to try. It took me a while to decide which flavours to choose from because there are so many. There are Cola Bottles, Gummy Bears, Fruit Mix, Sour Dummies and more. 

I tried the 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Small Vegan Gummies - Strawberries RRP £14.99* first and they literally just taste like regular sweets, they taste quite juicy and I personally couldn’t taste the CBD at all and I’ve been taking one of these daily since they arrived. If you’re familiar with vitamin gummies, these remind me of them. They contain 11mg per gummy and the recommended maximum daily limit for CBD is 70mg so they’re quite a low dose but they are a good starting point. They definitely help take the edge off my pain and make me feel more relaxed. Even my dad has tried them to see if they help with his sleep and he said that he managed to get to sleep quicker than usual and that he did feel more well-rested in the morning after using them for a couple of days.

I also tried the 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Small Vegan Gummies - Bubblegum Bottles RRP £22.99* which are the next strength up and contain 20mg per gummy. These have been good on days when my pain has been particularly bad as they definitely help to take the edge off the pain and make me feel a bit more comfortable. My back pain in particular has been flaring more recently because I’ve started to try and exercise again which I talked more about in my latest Beauty and Lifestyle Haul. So the 20mg gummies have been great to take after a workout. I found that the Bubblegum Bottles have a very slight aftertaste but the taste is minimal and it wouldn’t stop me from continuing to use them. 

Also if you struggle with the taste of natural CBD oil then it’s good to know that there are flavoured gummies available at an affordable price. However, please note that they do obviously look like regular sweets so make sure you keep them away from children. 

The final product I want to talk about is the 1800mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Natural Oil - 30ml RRP £32.99* which first of all, is a great price for the strength and size of the bottle. I’ve only tried the oil a couple of times so far just because I’ve been using the gummies more. The oil does have the typical CBD taste but it’s not as strong and bitter as some others I’ve tasted. However, if you’re not a big fan of the taste of CBD in general then you can pop it in a cup of tea or glass of juice to disguise the taste, it just might take a little longer to start working for you. 

Overall, I’m really impressed by Why So CBD? I will 100% be going back for more CBD gummies once I’ve used up my current ones. I think I’m going to try either the Cola Bottles or Gummy Bears next time.  I would also love to see maybe a couple of fun-flavoured CBD oils and a muscle balm from the brand in the future. 

If you would like to try something from Why So CBD? then you can use my discount link here or use the code: KIRSTYM20 at checkout.

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