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I’ve been enjoying writing about games and gaming more on my blog as it is something I really enjoy doing and as I’ve said before, I also find that it’s a good way to distract my mind from my chronic pain and also stress and anxiety if I’ve got a lot on my mind. So in today’s post, I’m sharing 4 new games (well, technically 3 games and a DLC pack) that I’m looking forward to playing when they release on the Nintendo Switch. 
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I haven’t done a favourites post for a few months so I thought it was time that I shared some of the things that I’ve been loving recently. I’ve discovered a hair care range that I’m obsessed with, a new Switch game that I can’t put down, a face moisturiser that’s perfect for oily skin, especially during the warmer months as well as a couple of rediscoveries too.

It's been a bit quiet around here lately, hasn't it? Having over a month's break from my blog and Instagram wasn't the plan at all but I've been dealing with some new health issues since the end of last year on top of my existing ones and I'm currently waiting for some blood test results and then I've also been ill with potentially COVID (the lateral flow was positive but PCR was negative so idk). But if it wasn't COVID then I really don't know what it is was but all I know is that I've never felt so unwell with a migraine before and then I also developed sinusitis and an ear infection and I was put on antibiotics that made me feel like I was on a completely different planet. FUN. But I'm back now, well, that's the plan anyway but we'll see how I go. I thought I'd start off with a Spring Wishlist as I haven't done a wishlist in ages and it's kind of fun to do because it basically means online window shopping and then writing a blog post all about it haha. So here's what I've currently got my eyes on...

My Autumn Wishlist

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I'm back with another wishlist, I was going to just do a homeware wishlist because I've got my eyes on a lot of homeware at the moment mainly to change the house up for the colder seasons but I thought I'd do a round-up Autumn wishlist instead with a mixture of beauty, homeware, fashion and a couple of switch games too. I know we're still about a month away until it's officially Autumn but I'm just so over Summer now, I long for the cosy rainy days and evenings.