Mini Lush Haul

Today is Tuesday 30th and I'm bloody shattered. I know it'll be days later or maybe even a week later when you're reading this. I haven't lost the plot surprisingly... yet lol. I've worked all over bank holiday weekend. I've not even done long shifts but I'm still worn out. After having a week off work because I'd booked it off and then having extra days off because of how the rota had fallen I ended up having almost two weeks off. So working four days in a row, over bank holiday has killed me off. I think the fact of it being an bank holiday just makes you feel less enthusiastic and tired anyway to be honest.

So I'd already made plans for today and that's to do pretty much nothing productive really. All I've planned on doing is just relaxing, catching up on tv and Reading and Leeds because I missed a lot of it and just being generally lazy because why not? I think I deserve it. So I didn't have to set an alarm for today so I ended up waking up around 11.30am (someone needed her sleep) and my lush delivery had arrived with my kitchen order by the time I'd woken up.

Finally after missing out on my all time favourite in the kitchen so many times, I've managed to get my hands on it again and a few other little treats too. If you're expecting there to be at least ten bath bombs and some other things in that box in the picture then I'm sorry to disappoint, there isn't I'm afraid lol.

If you're still with me after reading that last line then hii!
Here's what my mini lush haul consists of... 

I've bought American Cream, Ickle Baby Bot, Twilight Shower Gel (Lush Kitchen) and I asked for some samples as well.

So after seeing the Lush Kitchen Menu the week before, I planned what few extra treats I was going to buy before doing the order on Monday morning when the Twilight Shower Gel was put online. I haven't ordered anything or been an Lush since June (it's been hard) I knew the next time I was going to buy some Lush goodies that I was going to buy American Cream. It was pretty much the priority thing to buy. Just because I haven't had a bottle for a while and then in my last order I got the American Cream sample and it reminded me how amazing it is. The smell lingers for hours and it literally smells good enough to eat. I'm not very good at describing smells but this is definitely fresh strawberries with vanilla but it's not in any way sickly. It's just fresh and lovely. If they did an shower gel with this scent then I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Price: £4.95 for 100g bottle.


Next up is the very cute little Ickle Baby Bot. I've already got one of these in my Lush stash but couldn't resist buying another one. I haven't used this before but sometimes you don't need the big colourful displays. Sometimes we just need something cute and relaxing. The smell of this is lavender and chamomile so it's definitely one that's going to help you relax. It smells similar to Twilight and Dream Cream. And I think it's the cheapest bath bomb available in Lush at the moment as it's only £1.95.

The final thing that I bought was my all time favourite. Twilight shower gel! This shower gel is just the best shower gel ever. It helps with my anxiety and it helps me to sleep a tad bit better. I've been rationing the bottle I managed to get at the end of last summer for months. I can't see why anyone wouldn't like this. Well unless they don't like the smell of Lavender obviously. Kind of wish I'd bought the shower jelly too because they look so pretty on the lush kitchen's instagram. But I'm not the biggest fan of the shower jellys. I find them quite hard to use. The shower gel was £11 which some people might think is expensive for a 250g bottle but it is filled to the brim, literally. So I've got one of the shower gels that I wanted from the kitchen, now I'm just waiting on Rose Jam shower gel to be on the kitchen menu or when it's released for the Christmas season because I have to be careful with my 100g bottle at the minute as it's so close to running out *cry emoji* lol.


So the final thing that arrived in the Lush delivery was these free samples. Normally I ask for certain things that I want to try when asking for samples but because I was in a mad rush to get the Twilight Shower Gel into my basket and paid for at 8am on an Monday morning, I just asked for any samples. In my sample bag I've got Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair shower gel, Five O Clock Whistle shaving cream and Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Scrub. I'm excited about giving them a try and might give Ocean Salt a second chance (works a treat but not keen on the smell) Might even do a little product review on these sometime in the near future?

There's my little lush haul. Hope you liked the post! 

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