A Homeware And Home Revamp Wishlist

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I've currently got a bit of a homeware browsing bug and I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. Since I painted my room before Christmas, I've bought some new bits and pieces for both my bedroom and around the house and I've also been scrolling through a lot of websites eyeing up homeware I really like the look of. However, January is a very quiet month in terms of blog work and I also have had a couple of unexpected things to payout since the beginning of the month (ugh) so it's safe to say my bank balance is looking pretty sad right now. So I thought I'd just do a homeware and home revamp wishlist of things I really like the look of right now and also talk about a few things that I want to revamp in the house.

Sass & Belle Celestial Gold Wire Jewellery Stand £10  H&M Scented Candle £12.99 / Oliver Bonas Alys Five Drawer Jewellery Box £69Asda George Green Jungle Floral Duvet Set (Double) £12 

First up is the cute jewellery stand from Sass & Belle which I first saw on ASOS before Christmas. It's so unique looking! The only thing that puts me off buying a jewellery stand is my cats thinking it's a plaything for them haha. Next is the lovely looking candle from H&M which I personally think looks a lot more expensive than it is. I think it'd be a great coffee table statement candle or a nice gift for someone.

I also love the look of the Oliver Bonas Alys Fiver Drawer jewellery box. I think it'd look really nice in my room against my brick wall and it'd also fit in well with the new warm teal walls. There are also a few other colour options available too if the green version doesn't take your fancy. I tend to buy the majority of my duvet covers from George at Asda just because they're cheap and they wash well. I love the look of the Jungle Floral set and it'd also look really nice with my current cushions on my bed too. I'm a big fan!

Matalan Hello Gorgeous Slogan Bath Mat £10 H&M Window-Shaped Mirror £24.99Oliver Bonas You Go Girl Mug £12New Look Gold Mini Elephant Ornament £3.99

We're currently redecorating the bathroom... again. We've decided that the blue colour we have right now in there looks a bit cold and clinical, especially when you're in the bath, so we're opting for more of a warm blue instead. So I'm also looking for some cute bathroom decor bits and I really liked the Hello Gorgeous bath mat I came across on Matalan. Whilst looking for a sunburst mirror the other day, I came across the window-shaped mirror at H&M and I think it's such a good price at £24.99! It'd look really nice above the fireplace in the living room.

I realised whilst scrolling through Oliver Bonas last week that I haven't bought a new mug in months which is mad because I'm normally always buying mugs. The You Go Girl mug from Oliver Bonas is really cute and sometimes a motivational saying can really make a difference when you're feeling a bit meh, right?

I really like little ornaments of animals, I have a couple already dotted around my room from hedgehogs to owls and cats. So when I saw the New Look mini elephant ornament I was just like ~heart eyes emoji~.  

Oliver Bonas Artificial Plant £5 New Look White Sun Trinket Pot £5.99 / Anthropologie Meadow Ceramics Botanical Trinket Dish £14 / Matalan Lights & Darks Laundry Bin £18

I don't know what's happened over the past couple of months but I've managed to kill two plants, one of which was quite expensive as well and I literally managed to kill it in about three weeks. So I was gutted, not going to lie. So I've decided, for now, artificial plants are the way forward for me. The artificial plants available from Oliver Bonas look really realistic and the one featured above would love really cute in a mini geometric planter I have. 

I'm also on the lookout for some more trinket dishes and bowls to both use and feature in my photos so I've chosen two which I really like. First is the White Sun trinket pot from New Look which looks a lot more expensive than it is. I love the wooden lid too, I think that is what makes it looks extra nice. I also really like the Anthropologie Botanical Trinket Dish and I think it would look especially nice in photos. 

Lastly for my homeware part of the wishlist is a Lights & Darks Laundry Bin from Matalan which I personally think is a genius idea! It'd make life a lot easier as I always fill laundry baskets to the brim with the jumble of clothes I've been wearing and then I have to sort through everything like a madwoman. So I think the Lights & Darks bin would come in handy, especially when I'm having a bad pain day.

Onto what I want to revamp in the house...

There are a few things I want to change in the house soon, some are simple jobs that we can do ourselves and some are things that we'll have to get someone in for. First up is to change the skirting boards in some of the rooms, particularly the bedrooms. I'm pretty sure the skirting board we currently have is the original skirting board from when the house was first built and I'm not going to lie, it's looking a little tired and there are also some areas where paint has got on it and it won't come off because we stupidly didn't use masking tape. Skirting World offer an array of high quality skirting board designs from their popular Groove 1,2, 3 to their more fancy Period and Victorian designs. They also offer free UK delivery on all of their orders too.

I also really want to change the laminate flooring in my bedroom as I'm just a little bored of the dark warm oak colour. There's nothing wrong with it but I've just gone off it and I'm not sure if it suits my room anymore since I painted it. I love the look of Parquet flooring but it's so expensive and requires a few days to be put down by professional fitters.

Lastly is to paint the downstairs loo room white just to freshen it up a little. It's currently a cold blue colour and I'm just not a big fan of it. We also really want to get a new sink installed into the main bathroom as we've decided we want mixer taps instead of standard twist taps as they're easier to use. 

What's on your home wishlist right now?

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  1. I love looking at peoples wish lists always gives me so many ideas, I love the matalan bath mat, and the leaf trinket dish is cute x

  2. Gorgeous picks! I love all of the green and gold, the colours look so good together. I've never thought of looking for bedding at George at Asda, but I definitely need to start xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush