My Go-To Lockdown Hairstyles and Current Favourite Hair Products *

-This post is in collaboration with Melissa Salons, any products marked with an * have been previously gifted to me-
I'm sure we've all got plans when the lockdown is lifted whether it's rushing off to top hairdressers in Manchester, booking in a gel manicure and pedicure, a full body massage or just having the full works and booking in the lot (I'm sure most of us will feel this way!). However, for now, we've just got to make do with what we can do at home and also what products we can buy during our essential shopping trips/online orders.

Leaving your hair to do its own thing is a very easy to trap to fall down during lockdown and whilst giving your hair a break from heated tools is obviously not a bad thing, getting lazy with how you're looking after and styling your hair might actually affect how you're feeling because for me personally, even though I'm used to working from home, everything is feeling very repetitive and well, boring, so taking some time to give my hair some extra TLC as well as styling and wearing it a little different each day kind of adds to my attempt to break up each day a little too. So in this post, I'm talking about a couple of my go-to easy hairstyles during the lockdown as well as some of my current fave hair products. 

First up is the simple messy bun which is one of my go-to hairstyles in normal day-to-day life anyway. I don't really have any tips on doing the actual messy bun because I just wing it and kind of adjust it until I'm happy. The only tip I can really give is that I tend to use scrunchies over normal hair bobbles these days and I feel like they don't damage my hair or pull on my roots as much. I also feel like my hair holds a messy bun better when I've recently used a conditioning treatment. My favourite hair mask is still the Lee Stafford Keep It Clean Replenishing Mask because I feel like it really conditions my hair, doesn't leave it feeling heavy and it's also probably the nicest smelling hair product I own, I don't even know what the smell is but it's lovely.

Another hairstyle I love is the half up and half down updo and I tend to wear the top half in a little messy bun - I think it's technically called "The Hun". I like this hairstyle because I can wear it when my hair is natural or I can wear my hair like this when I've styled it either with the straighteners or curlers and it always looks different depending on how I've styled my hair previously. It also means that my hair is kind of out of the way and off my face too which is handy when I'm working on the laptop or taking blog photos.

I've also started to plait my hair when my hair is almost dry and then it obviously looks super wavy once it's completely dried. I always make sure to add in some texturising spray to give it that wavy surfer hair vibe once I've undone the braids. My favourite texturising spray is the Cool Girl Barely There Texture Spray by Sam McKnight which smells like a dream by the way!

I've also been loving the Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Velvet Cream* ever since I got it. It really helps to tame my frizzy hair as well as protecting my hair prior to using any heated tools and I'm still loving my Umberto Giannini "Milk" Styling Milk which I feel like I mention in every faves kind of post but it just really helps to tame my frizziness as well as making my hair feel super smooth and manageable. It's definitely a great option if you're on a tight budget! And lastly is a fairly new discovery which is the Colour Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray* which not only makes your hair feel super soft like the above products and protects your hair from humidity but it also works really well at keeping your hair looking vibrant and fresh after you've recently dyed it which is great if your hair seems to fade pretty quickly like mine does.

What are your go-to lockdown hairstyles and hair products?

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