Trying Out So...? Sorry Not Sorry Bath and Body Range

-If a product is marked with an * then it was PR/Gifted to me. This post contains no paid content-
So...? are a brand that seem to have been around for all of my life, some of their body sprays which I think have been discontinued now such as Kiss Me... and Sinful were some of my faves when I was a pre-teen/early teen when I first started to get into beauty and doing my makeup and hair etc. So to be sent a PR package from them seems so weird but also exciting as I still use products by So...? many years later. Their Sorry Not Sorry range has everything you need in the bath and body care department and all of it is affordable and cruelty-free too. So here are the products I've been trying out from the range that is exclusively available from Superdrug...

First up is the Queen Cream Shower Yoghurt RRP £5* which is a really nice, hydrating shower gel yoghurt. I'm not going to lie, when I saw that it was vanilla fragranced I was worried it was going to be super sickly which I personally find with cheaper vanilla-scented products but it's actually a nice, almost warm vanilla scent. There's also the Butter Up! Body Butter RRP £7*, which has the same warm vanilla fragrance and infused with argan oil. I'm obsessed with the packaging of the Body Butter because it's actually in what looks like a butter tub, it's so simple but so cute and fun! It's definitely one of my faves out the products I've tried from the range so far because it works well doesn't take ages to dry like some thicker body butters do.

There are also two hair mists in the range which are the Look At Me Hair Mist RRP £5* which has a sweet pea scent and the I Mist You Hair Mist RRP £5* which is watermelon scented. I've been using them when my hair needs a refresh when I'm in-between hair washes. They work really well at reviving your hair and making it look shinier too, I do this by applying it to my mid-lengths and ends. I've definitely been using the Look At Me Hair Mist the most out of the two because I'm obsessed with the sweet pea scent throughout the Sorry Not Sorry range. I think for £5 they're a must-have!

The Oh My Scrub! Body Buffer RRP £8* is infused with Ylang Ylang extracts with a Sweet Almond fragrance. I'll be honest the scent is not my fave, it's okay but I wouldn't repurchase this scrub in particular because of the scent, however, there is a vanilla-scented option available. The scrub itself is nice and although it's a salt scrub, it exfoliates in a gentle way because it's in an oil base, so it leaves your skin feeling well-nourished and not irritated in any way. 

They also have some bath fizz drops available as well as stand-alone bath fizzers which are available fragrances such as Lavender, Watermelon, Sweet Floral, Vanilla and more. I have the Purple Rain Bath Fizz Drops RRP £5* which contains 8 "fizz drops" and are vanilla fragranced as well as the U Ok Hun? Bath Fizzer RRP £4* which is Lavender scented. I haven't actually got around to trying these out yet but I can't wait to use them. I don't usually go for fizz drops/fizz tablets as I prefer something that's going to put on more of a show in the bath like a bath bomb/fizzer but they do smell really nice and perfect for a pamper session.

They also have an array of Bath Milks to choose from, I received their Milky Way Bae Bath Milk RRP £7* which is infused with Cucumber and Aloe Vera and is Sweet Pea scented. At first, with it being called bath milk, I wasn't expecting much from the product. I thought it was just going to be a liquid that just makes your water turn a bit cloudy and leaves it feeling silky. However, instead, it created tons of bubbles which was a nice surprise (I do love a good bubble bath!). I also love the milk box packaging for the Bath Milk too. I wouldn't buy this every single time I need some bubble bath just because it's £8 a pop but it's a nice bath treat to buy here and there or if it's on offer or even to add into someone's birthday hamper/bag.

So...? have not only got their shower yoghurts but they also have a shower jelly in the range too! I received The Real G Shower Jelly RRP £8* which contains Jojoba Seed oil which makes it super hydrating. The Real G is Watermelon scented and I think I'm definitely going to get some use out of this shower jelly when the weather is nicer because I tend to use more fruity scented products in the summer. It's super fresh and leaves your skin feeling clean as well as hydrated.

I've been using the Sink It In Body Lotion RRP £6* quite a lot because it works well as a hand lotion and obviously as a body lotion in general and it also has the sweet pea fragrance that I'm obsessed with from the Sorry Not Sorry range. The lotion is also infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which makes it super hydrating on the skin.

They also have some lip care products in the range which are the No More Pout Scrub RRP £4* and the Kiss Off Pout Balm RRP £4* and I really like both of these. The scrub isn't as harsh as LUSH's sugar lip scrubs as it's in an oil base, similar to the body scrub and the lip balm is really hydrating and leaves your lips looking super glossy. They also both have a Red Berries Fragrance which I would've loved to have seen throughout the whole range because it's really nice.

Lastly is the Tame The Mane Hair Mask RRP £8* which is a repairing treatment that's enriched with Green Tea Extracts and is lightly scented with Sweet Pea. I have a fair few hair masks in my beauty cupboard right now and this has been sitting alongside my all-time fave from Lee Stafford's Keep It Clean range since I received it because it not only leaves my hair looking and feeling a lot softer, it also adds a nice amount of shine, without making it look greasy.

Overall I think So...? have hit the nail on the head with this range. They're so affordable and yet they all do what they claim they will do and I think there's a good array of fragrances throughout the range too. I would definitely recommend trying some of the products from the Sorry Not Sorry range if you fancy treating yourself without breaking the bank!
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