Two Spot Clearing Products From Dermalogica's Clear Start Range

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I may be almost 26 (I actually turn 26 this week!) but I still have problems with my skin, I do feel like it's getting a little better as I'm getting older and also the fact that I'm finding products which seem to work for me along the way, but it still likes to act up and behave like I'm still a teenager at times too. So I'm always on the lookout for products that are aimed at oily/spot prone/sensitive skin. Over the past few weeks, I've been testing out two products from Dermalogica's Clear Start range which are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and contain no artificial fragrances or colours. So here are my overall thoughts after putting them to the test...

The Clearing Defense SPF30 Mattifying Moisturiser RRP £25.50* is a mattifying SPF moisturiser which has been made to protect breakout-prone skin from environmental stress. The formula is purposely lightweight so it doesn't clog up your pores which is obviously good when it comes to particular skin types. It works with the skin's natural microbiome whilst natural Tapioca helps to reduce shine and it also contains Willow Bark Extract, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C which all work together to help combat the effects of pollution on breakout-prone skin too. Although it's a "mattifying" moisturiser, I wouldn't say it completely mattifies your skin which I personally like because I don't like my skin looking and feeling super matte and almost dried out. It definitely tones down any sort of oiliness or shininess you may have and I've found that any makeup I've applied whilst using the moisturiser has lasted and sat well on my skin which is good. It also has a nice, fresh scent which I think is the Green Tea Extract. Overall, I would say that if you have an oily/spot-prone skin type and you struggle with finding an SPF and moisturiser that doesn't break you out and also doesn't cost an arm and a leg then give this one a try!

I was really excited to give the Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask RRP £19.50* a try because although "bubble masks" do look and seem a bit gimmicky, the majority of the ones I have tried before have given me fast results (however a lot of them were single-use sheet masks which I'm trying to move away from). Dermalogica's take on the popular bubble masks is the "Fizz Mask" which they claim helps to clear out your pores and blackheads. It contains Sulfur which helps to keep your skin clear and Kaolin Clay which absorbs excess oil and purifies the skin. In theory, it sounds pretty great, right? So far, I have used this a few times and although I haven't seen any sort of dramatic reduction in my blackheads (yet anyway), I do feel like it freshens up my skin and it definitely visibly brightens my skin which is pretty good going considering I only leave it on for 5 minutes (following the instructions) per use. The only thing that would put me off from picking this up again is the fact that it smells like rotten eggs because of the Sulfur present but if you (and your nose) can look past that then it does work well at brightening up the skin and it's pretty fun to use too!

Have you tried any products from the Clear Start range?

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