How We're Planning To Revamp The House Before The End Of The Year *

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Because most of us have been stuck in our homes for months on end due to COVID-19, it's safe to say, we're all probably feeling a bit bored of looking at the same four walls and want to give certain areas in our homes a nice refresh. We've definitely got some areas in the house that we want/need to change up so in this post I'm going to be talking about what we want to change before the end of the year, or ideally within the next couple of months.

I really want to change up my gallery wall in my bedroom just to give it a little refresh, I'm also thinking about potentially doing a small gallery wall in the kitchen too. I still haven't made up my mind on the kitchen gallery wall though as I'm also debating on putting a few wooden shelves up in the same area and dressing it up nicely with cereal or pasta in glass jars, cookbooks and some hanging faux plants. 

We also plan to have a new carpet fitted in the master bedroom as the one that's currently down is really old and tatty and it also doesn't go with the colour scheme at all anymore and I think it would be really nice to get that fitted before autumn/winter comes along. We're also thinking about having a new stair carpet fitted too but we still haven't made up our minds whether to rip up the current carpet, paint the stairs and then have a runner carpet down the middle or just have a standard carpet fitted but we've all got different opinions on what to do regarding the stairs at the minute so I don't really know what's going to happen there yet.

The kitchen is an area we've been wanting to change up since before lockdown happened and is in desperate need of a change. So we're going to be changing the worktops from the ugly speckly grey colour they currently are to a more inviting oak worktop which I think is going to look so nice and cosy and is going to look really nice against the pale olive green walls. We're also going to be getting a new sink as the stainless steel one we've currently got is so noisy when you're washing up so we just want a basic white sink this time around. I really wanted a belfast sink but we've decided it just won't look right in the small area available for the sink which is a shame. We're also going to paint the oak kitchen cupboards white just to freshen them up a bit and it's also cheaper to paint them than buy new cupboards, especially when the cupboards are all in working order.

We also plan to have a new bigger sink in the bathroom along with a mixer tap as the current sink is too small and it just doesn't hold much on the sides and the taps we currently have are standard twisty taps (I don't know the proper term for them but you get what I mean) and mixer taps are so much easier to use. I'm also interested in potentially getting some stick on floor tiles for the bathroom that everyone seems to be going crazy for, just to see what they look like in our bathroom.

Are you planning on revamping any areas in your home soon? 

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  1. This sounds so lovely!. I really like the idea of the shelves in the kitchen, that's definitley something I'd like to do some thick wooden ones with some plants etc on them. It sounds like you're going to have the cosiest home when you're finished!.
    Charlie |