A Review Of Our Remedy's Latest CBD Oil 'Pretty Peaceful'

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I talked about female-founded wellness brand Our Remedy on my blog last year when I reviewed their Moon Swings CBD Oil before they rebranded their packaging. Since then they have grown even more as a brand and have recently released their latest CBD oil blend called ‘Pretty Peaceful’ which has been created to help settle your mind and body from anxiety, stress and to also help you to sleep. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now so I feel like I’ve used it for a long enough time to give you my full thoughts on whether I think it helped at all.
Their 10ml bottled CBD is vegan and they also use eco-friendly packaging. You can choose either 500mg or 1000mg strength with the price ranging from £26.99-£53.99 depending on the strength you choose and whether you choose the pipette or aluminium lid option (ideally you'll opt for the aluminium lid if you've bought from the brand before and already have a pipette). The blend combines CBD with essential oils of Geranium, Lavender and Sweet Orange. Geranium is renowned for its natural anxiety-reducing properties, Lavender soothes and helps with sleep issues and Sweet Orange gives the oil a lovely subtle taste. 

I must admit I thought with the oil being all about relaxing your mind and body, it might be Lavender flavoured rather than Sweet Orange flavoured but the orange is a pleasant surprise and its not bitter or anything like that.

I'll admit it is pricier than my go-to daily CBD brand and I wouldn't be able to afford to use it as my everyday CBD oil but I do understand why it's a little pricier. It's because the essential oils in the blend all have properties to help reduce your stress levels and help you to relax, along with the CBD present. So I wouldn't use it every single day but I do use it on days when my anxiety is particularly bad or if I'm struggling to sleep as I do find it helps with the issue I’m dealing with and I also really like the taste of both of the CBD oils available. You can even add it to your hot chocolate to make your hot chocolate an essential wellness booster! Please bear in mind that I do use CBD oil pretty much daily so it is already built up in my system. Our Remedy does recommend you build CBD up in your body to get the best results. I personally found that I felt the difference in using CBD for the first time after about a week or so of using it daily but obviously everybody is different.

Overall I would definitely recommend trying Our Remedy's CBD oils if you're looking for a CBD oil that tastes nice and has extra ingredients in the blend which have properties that help specific issues such as period pain, endometriosis pain, sleeping issues and anxiety. I’m definitely going to make sure I keep a bottle of each of their blends at hand. They also offer free shipping on every order which is good to know! If you’re interested in reading my review of their Moon Swings CBD Oil then you can do that here
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