My Winter Lifestyle And Fashion Favourites

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I've been meaning to do an updated lifestyle and fashion favourites for a while but I've just not got around to doing it until now. I thought I might as well call it my winter lifestyle and fashion favourites as we're fairly close to the end of winter now (finally!). So here are some things which I've been loving this winter...

I know this is technically a beauty favourite but I've been loving the LUSH Twilight Body Spray. The reason why I've put it in this post and not my beauty faves is because I've mostly been using it as a pillow/bed mist and it really helps to calm me. Twilight is one of my all-time favourite scents from LUSH, the Twilight bath bomb was actually the first bath bomb I ever bought from LUSH. I do like the Sleepy Body Lotion that everyone went mad for a few years ago but I just find it easier to spray the body spray on my bed. I know it might sound quite pricey at £20 but I've had it since around the beginning of December and use it daily and it's not even half gone yet!

I'll be honest, the two fashion favourites in this post are actually nightwear because who's buying "normal" clothes right now? Not me, that's for sure! Because of my chronic pain, I don't like regular dressing gowns because they just pull on my back and set my pain off more so I usually just wear chunky knit cardigans or sweatshirts. However, my mum and dad got me a Waterfall Dressing Gown Jacket (I don't know if that's the proper name of the style) from Nutmeg at Morrisons for Christmas and it's so cosy and it doesn't make my pain any worse as it's on the shorter side, not bulky and doesn't have a tie. It's not available online anymore and I don't know if it's still available instore but I would recommend the style if you find dressing gowns uncomfortable or too bulky. I even use it a blog prop because it's so cosy looking and it's good when I want to add some texture to my photos like in this post.

I was also bought some lovely woodland and polka dot print pyjamas from TU at Sainsbury's for Christmas and they are so soft and comfortable! They're a dress size too big (on purpose so they're good for days when I have endo bloat) and I've even bought them in my normal size because I love them that much. I'm definitely going to be buying more pyjamas from TU in the future.

Because I've been getting headaches quite often thanks to a mixture of my pesky impacted wisdom tooth and being a natural stresshead (lol), I decided to pick up Anatomicals The Pound is Down Headache Relief Balm as a natural remedy to try before I opt for painkillers and it definitely helps a lot of the time. You apply it to your temples, forehead or the back of your neck. I even pop it on my jaw and near where my wisdom tooth is sometimes and it helps to take the edge off. It smells kind of like Vicks but not exactly the same and it's in a tin which makes it recyclable too. I bought it from ASOS for £4 here.

I also have a couple of games to talk about which I've been really enjoying playing recently. As I've said before I find playing games really helps to distract my mind from both my pain and anxiety so I do play games quite often. First up is Planet Coaster: Console Edition which came out in November. I've always been a fan of management sim games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon since I was a kid, so I was excited to find out that Planet Coaster was coming to consoles, as my laptop is definitely not powerful enough to play games on. It's just so much fun to play, you can be super creative and build everything from scratch or just use the blueprints available and I love the chill soundtrack as well. There are some limitations on the console version which is a shame but I don't feel like it affects my gameplay too much. I just build smaller parks on it with a lot of detail. Also if you have the latest consoles then the Oswald-Eugene Counter increases which means you can add more. I am planning on hopefully getting an Xbox Series X later in the year but for now, I'm playing it on an Xbox One S and it works fine.

I'm currently obsessed with Stardew Valley on the Switch, I actually think I prefer it over Animal Crossing and I've already racked up a lot of hours playing it since I started to play it in January. For £10.99 it's an absolute steal. I like that there are lots of things to do, the weather and season change (which is in-game, not real-time like AC) affects your daily gameplay as well as if luck is on your side or not each day. You can get farm animals, grow crops, mine and kill monsters in the mines, become friends with the locals, fish and more. I just love it! It's really relaxing and I'll be honest I do like ACNH but I am so bored of the snow now and I think the latest update is a bit rubbish as well. Hopefully, it'll pick up again when it changes to spring in the game. Part of me wants to start all over again but I don't want to lose all of my villagers.

I recently picked up the Sweet Freedom Fruit Sweetened Golden Syrup which is natural, low in fructose, contains no refined sugar and only 14 cals per teaspoon. It can be used for drizzling over things like pancakes, porridge and can also be used in baking. I drizzle it over Cheerios, porridge and bananas and it's so nice! It really does taste the same as regular golden syrup but it's made from carob and apple. Also if golden syrup isn't for you then they do other flavours such as Winter Spice Choc Shot, Caramel Syrup for Coffee/Baking, Light Syrup, Choc Shot Mint and more. I picked mine up from Amazon but you can also buy them in Tesco and Holland & Barrett too.

The last thing I want to mention is Clippers Snore & Peace Tea, I used to buy Snore & Peace years ago, but then it became hard to get hold of so I switched to Pukka Night Time tea bags, regular chamomile and peppermint tea instead. However, they popped up on my Amazon recommendations so I bought a box to see if they were exactly the same and the used to be and they are! I definitely paid more than they used to be but I do prefer the taste of Clippers Snore & Peace over Pukka's Night Time tea and I do think it helps to chill me out if I'm having a particularly stressful day or I want something to relax me before I try and sleep.

What have you been loving this Winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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