A Review of Dermalogica's Clarifying Body Spray

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Dermalogica have recently added a new product to its much-loved Clear Start range. They have added a Clarifying Body Spray RRP £25* which is described as a breakout-fighting body spray that acts fast and is ideal to use on those hard-to-reach areas as the spray can be used at all different angles, including upside down. Sounds pretty great, right? Here are my thoughts… 

I was definitely interested in trying the Clarifying Body Spray* as I do struggle with body acne sometimes, however, I have made a few changes which have definitely helped so if you also have body acne or have flare-ups of body acne sometimes then I just want to share two simple tips with you that might help as they definitely helped me. First of all, I would recommend looking at the shower gel(s) that you’re using as I realised after using a few shower gels, that I was getting small breakouts on both my chest and back and since I’ve stopped using the shower gels in question, I’ve experienced less body acne. My second tip is to wash your body at the end of your shower/bath instead of whilst you’ve got your shampoo or conditioner in your hair as this properly cleans and rinses away any shampoo or conditioner that has gotten onto your skin as this can irritate your skin and also clog up your pores. 

Body acne is pretty common, the main areas are on your back (hence the name ‘Bacne’) and chest. There are so many different things can cause it from hormone imbalances, friction from clothing, medication, sweating to not exfoliating enough or even too much. Also if you already have acne then it can make you more prone to having acne elsewhere on your body. 

The Dermalogica Clarifying Body Spray* contains exfoliating Salicylic Acid which helps to remove dead skin cells, Witch Hazel which soothes the skin and can help reduce inflammation and Tea Tree Oil and Moroccan Argan Oil which balance oil and reduces redness. 

The body spray smells really nice and it’s very refreshing, it comes out in a fine mist so it was also lovely to use during the recent heatwave, although that’s obviously not really its intended use. It doesn’t feel sticky or leave any sort of residue which is good. I also really like the vibrant packaging and the fact that you can spray the product onto your skin from whatever angle, it’s really clever and useful. I personally tend to apply it after a shower as an extra body care step. 

Overall I definitely feel like this helps to keep body acne at bay and I think it’s a handy product to have in your body care lineup. However, remember that body acne is really common and a normal thing to experience but if it is bothering you and you've already tried other ways to reduce or get rid of it that haven't been successful then I would recommend picking the Dermalogica Clarifying Body Spray RRP £25*.

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