Garnier Olia Hair Colourant Review

So today I'm writing about the Garnier Olia Hair Colourant in the shade Dark Garnet 4.62. I've been debating on buying this dye for so long because it says it's an "oil powered" dye I thought it's make my hair all greasy and horrible. But I was really due a hair dye because I hadn't dyed my hair in around two months because I was trying to decide on what to do with it next because I fancied a big change.

I've been on and off a red head for a while now.  My usual go to red dye over the past year has been the Schwarzkopf Live Intense Colour in shade Cherry Mahogany 048. I do really love the colour and it's always on some sort of offer in Boots but it fades quite quickly. I was wondering whether to go a lot lighter and maybe have the ombre effect but because it is Autumn now and I'm really pale I thought it might wash me out and make me look really sick. So I've decided to stick with deeper tones to warm up my face. 

Anyway back to talking about my thoughts on the Garnier Olia...

 It comes with:

  • Colourant Cream 
  • Devoloper Cream
  • A Cute Applicator Bottle
  •  Instructions
  •  Black Gloves
  • After Colour Care Conditioner (which I've used before and loved)

Because I was doing a kind of root retouch and it was a similar-ish colour to my faded red I chose the "Root Regrowth" option from the instructions leaflet and applied the product to my roots for 20 minutes and then did my mid lengths and ends and left on for 10 minutes as instructed. The smell of the dye isn't too bad, I'm guessing because it doesn't have any Ammonia in it but it could be better. But then it is better than the sickly pomegranate smell that I'm used to with the Schwarzkopf hair dye. Also I think you do get more product than you do with other brands because one box did my whole head of hair and my hair is past my shoulders. You can tell it is an "oil powered" dye because you can feel it when it's on your head. It's strange. 

Once I'd rinsed off the dye which did take longer than usual, I applied the lovely smelling Olia After Care Conditioner and left on for around 5 minutes and rinsed away. I left my hair in my towel for about 15 minutes and then blow dried. I could tell my hair was a lot darker than I expected with not a lot of red in it at all. So I was a tad shocked at the difference from the box colour and the hair colour staring back at me in the mirror. It wasn't the colour I was expecting at all.

I'm writing this now, two days later. I washed my hair and deep conditioned yesterday and the remains of any hair dye has come out and the colour has settled more now. It's an nice, autumnal colour but still not the colour I was aiming for. When I'm near the sunlight the red tint shows up but most of the time it's just an dark brown. But for now I think I'm going to stick to it and I might grow to love it. But as you can tell on the before and after pictures below there's a big difference. My current hair colour shows no red even though it is supposed to be a lovely deep red colour.

 P.S I apologise for both of my hair pictures. The first picture is the unwashed hair before dying so it looks gross and the second picture is today and I literally just don't feel like doing anything with my natural, bedhead hair today tbh.

Before (faded Cherry Mahogany shade by Schwarzkopf)
After so called "Dark Garnet" shade by Garnier Olia

No Ammonia 
Unusual packaging inside (Gloves, Teardrop applicator)
Large amount of After Care Conditioner
A good colour for Autumn/Winter


Smell could be nicer
Price (Pricier than my usual dye)
Took a long time to wash out
Looks nothing like the hair colour on the box

Would I buy again? 

I may try a different shade sometime and see how that goes. But if that turns out a different colour again then definitely not!

So there's my review on the Garnier Olia range. If you've tried it before then what's your thoughts? Did the colour turn out wrong like mine? (lol) Thanks for reading! I seem to be on a roll today writing posts so a new post should be up either on Monday/Tuesday.

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