Trying CBD For The First Time For My Chronic Pain & Anxiety

I've been debating on trying CBD oil for my chronic back and pelvic pain for a while now but for various reasons I've been scared to try it. I was worried I would splash my money on it and then it wouldn't work or I'd need to take most of the bottle for it to actually kick in and work for me and it does seem quite pricey for the amount you get. It's also quite a touchy subject and I've spoken to other people about trying CBD and if they have tried it themselves and some said yes they have and it's worked wonders, whilst others have said that they had mixed feelings about it. Also a few said that they don't like the idea of using CBD which I totally understand too. But I feel like my options are running out for pain relief, I'm in pain daily with my lower back and also pelvic area (basically my ovaries, pelvic bone, hips and upper legs hurt every day). The only medication which helped the pain (Mefenamic Acid) made me have a severe allergic reaction twice which actually scared the hell out of me. The useless and rude gynaecologist I saw wouldn't listen to my many obvious symptoms of endometriosis and just said that I have "chronic pelvic pain" which was so helpful... not. My daily abilities are limited and some days just getting out of bed and having a shower or bath is a little victory. It's been a huge shock to the system. I mean I've never been the most active type of person but now I'm struggling to do simple day-to-day life things most days and it's upsetting and it does really get me down. 

Whilst I was thinking about trying it out I saw a CBD brand was looking for bloggers to try out their products so I got in touch (ngl it kind of seemed like a sign in a way to me). UK-CBD Oils then kindly sent me over their 500mg Raw Full Plant CBD Oil RRP £45* to try out and also their Morning Brew tea RRP £12.50* which they recommend me to try for my chronic pains. Their CBD Oils have currently got 20% off and the one they sent me over is now priced at £36. UK-CBD Oils produce the highest quality of CBD products and they aim to help people to improve and maintain good health. Their products are regularly tested and have quality control standards. The CBD they produce is Full Spectrum which basically means it has the full range of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids (including CBC, CBG AND CBDV). It doesn't contain any pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals or additives. Many people are scared to try CBD because they worry it will make them feel funny and "give them a high" but because CBD contains little to no THC (which gives you an high) it means CBD is non-psychoactive. Basically it just chills you out a little which is why it's now being talked about more to help anxiety, depression and also sleep problems. 

So how have I got on with the CBD oil for my chronic pelvic pain, back pain and also anxiety/depression? I've got to say *fingers crossed* it's actually helped/helping a lot. I've been taking up to 6 drops a day. I try and spread it out throughout the day a little, depending on how bad my pain is. So I'll either take three drops twice a day or two drops three times a day if that makes sense. I do think it took a few days for it to start working for me (but bear in mind I am chunky and it is known that depending on your size, height and metabolism - it may take longer to work or you may need more drops - it does vary). 

I feel like it's been helping my pelvic pain the most, it definitely hasn't been as bad over the past week or so. I sometimes has little flare ups throughout the day but it's nowhere near as bad as normal. For example it normally cripples me to bend down and pick my phone charger off the floor or to feed my cats but now it doesn't hurt as much and sometimes the pain is completely gone - which literally seems like a miracle. 

I'm not going to lie, I am still on edge that my pain is going to really flare up and it's going to hit me like a ton of bricks because I just don't trust my body anymore. I'm going to carry on taking the oil for another week until I give my final verdict (probably on insta stories) but I really do hope it is the CBD oil helping. My back pain has been better than normal but it's still quite bad pain. However I do think my back pain is a bad nerve problem and also my posture over the years hasn't helped. Also whilst taking the CBD oil I've noticed my mood has been so much better. Yes, I still have my low moods like anyone but I do feel like I'm in a better mindset somehow. Maybe it's because Christmas is on the way and I just love Christmas, who knows? The one thing I'm not keen on but I have gotten used to a little now is the taste of the oil. It's not pleasant but it's not the worse thing I've ever tasted. The best way to describe it is probably just by saying it tastes very "natural" and kind of like the smell of wet bark (that may sound weird but yeah, that's the best I can do).

The Morning Brew tea RRP £12.50* was okay and I think it's a good starting point to try out CBD but I definitely would prefer the oil option as I find that personally helps me more. I do love that the Morning Brew tea contains Lemongrass, Rosehip, Orange Peel and Echniacea though. I really like Lemongrass and Rosehip in particular and have other teas in my kitchen cupboards containing both already. The idea of the Morning Brew is to rid your body of bad toxins first thing in the morning. I do think it would be a nice drink to have if you're feeling quite stressed out and want to try CBD in a lower dosage form. 

Overall, I really like that CBD is natural especially after having the bad allergic reaction to Mefenamic Acid (an anti-inflammatory). I do prefer to try natural options for pain relief as I don't really like taking too many prescribed or OTC pills daily as I just feel like I'm poisoning my body, which I know sounds silly but it's kind of true when you think about it.

I shall definitely be using UK-CBD Oils again, I'm actually really interested in maybe trying their 10%/1000mg Oil Drops and also their Joint or Heat Cream to see if it'd help with my back pain when I use it topically over the affected area. So once Christmas is out of the way I think I shall be placing an order. Talking of other products they do offer a wide variety of products if you're interested in trying CBD they do edibles, raw paste, soft gel capsules, eLiquid as well as their oil, creams and tea I've already mentioned. 

I just want to say a huge thanks to UK-CBD Oils for giving me the opportunity to try out their products. The oil has definitely improved my daily intense pains and because I've not been in as much pain it's made a difference to my daily mood and mindset too. Everyone who I've seen or spoken to over the past week when the CBD seemed to kick in and start working has said that I seem more chirpier which is a nice thing to hear because I feel like I'm just a moody bitch the majority of the time thanks to the pain haha. 

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