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Home renovations are all subject to budget. But even if you’re opting for budget-friendly changes, why shouldn’t you be able to achieve your dream aesthetic without feeling bankrupt after?

If you’re looking to make changes which help you keep within budget, then the good news is that there are plenty of interior design options around which will help you. Initially, you may be dreaming of a luxurious new living room or state of the art kitchen – then you remember the price tag. Don’t fret because Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring can help cut the cost dramatically, leaving you with extra cash to purchase your new dream cooker or sofa.

Luvanto vinyl flooring promises you won’t have to replace it for a few decades either, for these three reasons.... 


Similarly, to other vinyl flooring brands, Luvanto incorporates sensational durability which combats liquid spills and accidents such as falling objects.

Luvanto is the ideal flooring for heavily used rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms carry a greater need for water-resistant flooring and scratch guard technology, which you will find in Luvanto vinyl flooring. 

Luxury vinyl flooring also deters the effects of high foot-traffic areas such as the hallway. The multi-layer design creates a strong but comforting ground for your feet to fall onto. Forget creaky floorboards with Luvanto ‘click’ system installation, all planks and tiles are compact to reduce the sound of footfalls and support the durability of surrounding planks and tiles.

What else? Well, Luvanto does not require as much maintenance as other vinyl flooring brands. Of course, you can clean it as often as you like, but Luvanto can maintain its glamorous sheen and colour with a brush and mop just once a week. 

The Look

Luxury vinyl brands have come a long way to offer their customers the most extensive ranges of wood and stone designs for vinyl planks and vinyl tiles.

The one consistent requirement in the home renovation process is versatility. There must be enough variety in shade, pattern and plank/tile size to feel as though you’ve fully explored the market before purchasing. This is extremely lucky for those wanting to maintain consistency between rooms. The Luvanto flooring brand carries a variety of ranges which meet all these requirements so you can really let your creativity loose.

Click Down or Glue Down

Another budget-friendly factor here is the installation method. Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring offers both click and glue down options. Either can be completed by yourself or by hiring a professional vinyl flooring fitter.

All Luvanto planks and tiles are reduced to your custom size prior to installation. Every corner and edge of your flooring will be elegantly covered with your new vinyl plank. Simply click your planks and tiles together on top of a subfloor (adhesive is required if working with the glue down installation option).

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring has become a household name and popular throughout the interior design industry. With plenty of testimonials to praise their achievements in the flooring industries, what other option offers as much as Luvanto?

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