What I Got For Christmas

Christmas seems to have gone by very quickly this year, even quicker than usual. I think because I was unwell over Christmas Eve/Day I ended up napping both days away but I still had a lovely few days nonetheless even though I did feel as if I was hacking up a lung (nice)

I know some people don't like these posts because they think it's a bit braggy or whatever but I personally love reading "What I Got For Christmas" blog posts and watching them too and I'm not writing this post to brag or anything I'm just really excited and also so grateful of the presents I received this year. So I thought I'd share with you my favourite gifts and believe me, it's been quite hard to narrow down because I literally love everything. 

I always find that a lot of brands talk and promote the science side of their latest products but they make it sound so complicated and complex that my brain just can't keep up. So it's refreshing to come across a brand who keep it simple and easy to understand. 

I've been using some of the Sönd Skincare range over the past three weeks and today I'm going to be giving you my honest opinions (as always) about what I think about the range. I'd actually never heard of the brand before until I received an email from them and what they offer. Because I've become a bit of a skincare hoarder this year and I have been trying to find some skincare staples, I was really intrigued by Sönd Skincare because they are for people with sensitive skin and my skin is quite sensitive (especially in the winter) as well as oily. I've also see on their website that the product range has had great reviews from people who suffer from Cystic Acne and also general usual breakouts like myself.

I'm sure by now if you've been following my blog for a while that I feel quite strongly about cruelty free beauty because I just don't think there's any need for it, if brands want/need to test products then they should do it on people who've done something wrong and not innocent animals. That's just my personal feelings. 

The Pip Box is a completely cruelty-free beauty box which comes with 5 products per month. The Decembers Edition box had an extra little treat for Christmas.

I'm a total newbie to Charlotte Tilbury so when I received a PR package from the Charlotte Tilbury PR team I was super excited, as expected! So today's post is all about my first impressions and thoughts on the products that I kindly received recently.

Burt's Bees are one of my favourite natural brands, they're totally cruelty-free and I just love the packaging of everything they release and there are so many unique scents. They have so many great gifts available for Christmas this year. Whether you fancy treating yourself or treating someone else, there's definitely something for everybody. I recently received two gorgeous gift sets from their Christmas range and today's post is kind of an unboxing and my thoughts about what's inside each gift set.

Today's post is my last Christmas Gift Guide (sob!) I really enjoy writing these and planning what to include and also working with some fab brands and featuring their lovely Christmas gifts too. I hope you've liked my gift guides this year. This one is for all you last-minute gift buyers!

I'm sorry to post this sad blog post when everyone is supposed to be happy and jolly and ready for Christmas but this year, I'm not really feeling that festive anymore because on the 7th December we lost our gorgeous, completely crazy cat Squeak and the house just doesn't feel the same anymore. 

If you follow me on twitter on instagram then you may have seen that I recently lost one of my eldest cats Squeak who was 15 and it's really hit me hard, I'm feeling so lost and empty without her. I've obviously lost other animals in my past, the last cat we lost Bonnie we had to have put to sleep on 8th July 2013 because we found out she had cancer in her mouth and it was spreading further into her body which broke my heart so much. I even blacked out walking out of our back door as I watched her in the garden for the last time and I ended up spraining my ankle (literally one of the worst days of my life). 

But I think Squeak's passing has affected me more because she had gotten better after being really unwell back in October and we found out she had Chronic Kidney Disease. The vet basically said she wasn't a well cat but we could try her with antibiotics and food mixture in a syringe for a week and see how she goes, if not then we'd have to consider having her put to sleep. Amazingly, she got better, she even started to enjoy being fed through a syringe I'm sure. She'd recovered pretty well even though she didn't put much weight back on since her unwell stage she seemed happy and content and wanted lots of attention like normal. So it's just been such a shock to the system to her being here and seemingly getting back on track and then just not being around.

Christmas Wishlist 2017 *

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I can't believe I'm writing my Christmas Wishlist for 2017. This year seems to have flown by so quickly! I've obviously given my parents my Christmas Wishlist by now because when it's about 6 weeks to Christmas my mum won't stop pestering me for a Christmas Wishlist because she seems to just wake up one morning in the middle of November and goes into full-on festive mode lol. So I thought today I'd share with you some of the things I'd love to receive for Christmas this year.

Christmas Gift Guide for Partners
With Christmas just over a week away, here’s a guide to finding the perfect gift for your partner before it’s too late! So whether your partner is into music, food, films and more, you can get them ticked off the list in no time!

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I thought today I would share with you some places in the US where I would love to visit at some point in my life. All of the places are places I would want to visit for various different reasons and I think there's quite a big difference between them all which is definitely a good thing. Me and my cousin were talking about places we want to visit in the US recently and we both realised that three of mine are not super close to each other but close enough for a road trip and it's made me realise that I would love to do some sort of road trip in America one day, it's definitely one for the bucket list! So here are my 5 places which I would love to travel to and explore in the US.

It seems like forever since I did one of these "Things I've Been Loving Over The Past Month or So" posts and boy, do I have a lot of things to talk about. I've found a great duo for helping me drift off to sleep and I've also found a few new holy grail skincare products too!

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I love revamping rooms in the house throughout the year, even if it's just buying a few new things to create different looks and give off different vibes. Today's post is all about how I'm planning on hopefully revamping our main bathroom in the new year and creating basically a luxury spa haven which I'm very much looking forward to. Obviously, we can't afford to rip out the whole bathroom and have a new snazzy bath or a high-end looking sink so a few things in this post will be kind of if "I had the money I would splurge on" as well as areas I think you don't have to spend a fortune and areas where I think you should splurge a little if your budget will let you.

Today's post is a kind of beauty-focused Christmas gift guide with a few exceptions. There's a mixture of products with a range of different prices starting from £3.99 and up. So I would say it's a gift guide with stocking fillers and main gift ideas so I hope it helps if you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet!

Secret Scent Box is a great monthly subscription for any beauty lover or perfume hoarder (like myself!). It's a great way to explore what new scents are available without having to leave your home and also to stop you looking like a mad woman by spraying 10 different perfumes on your body and trying to figure out which scent is which with an audience of customers watching in the middle of Boots (you know what I'm talking about, don't pretend you don't lol).

Each month you receive a 30 day supply of 3 different perfumes from 3 different designer brands which are delivered through your letterbox for just £15 per month including p&p. I also have a cheeky discount at the end of this post too! Some brands you may find in your Secret Scent Box include Chanel, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Davidoff, Gucci and more. It also comes in a presentable, cute box with little cards about each perfume included in your box for the month and I really like that the perfumes are a purse-friendly size too.

I love Christmas and I think my fur babies do too! They seem to love the stocking fillers we get them and they love getting and playing in the wrapping paper too. If you don't already know... I'm a crazy cat lady and own 4 cats... yep. I have Tabby who is 22, Squeak, 15, Minnie, 7 and Charlie, 4 and yes they are basically like my children.

They were kindly sent a little early Christmas gift last week from Petshop.co.uk which they were very thankful for. It was a cute Felix Goody Bag tin full of Felix Goody Bag Cat Treats including 5 different flavours.They currently have a range of pet christmas gifts available on their site for your fur babies to choose from at affordable prices.

If you really want to treat your dog or cat this year you could sign them up for the unique Bottomless Bowl Subscription. The founder of PetShop.co.uk Adam had this great idea as his mother suffered from arthritis and couldn't carry pet supplies from the Supermarket so he created the Bottomless Bowl Subscription. You can choose to have your deliveries as often as 2 weeks or even as long as 3 months which I think is such a great idea.

You can also save 5-20% on top of already great value prices when you subscribe and save to the Bottomless Bowl auto repeat delivery services. You also get free delivery if you spend over £19.99! 
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*PR sample, all opinions are my own

If you're still buying Christmas gifts and struggling on what to buy then the Barefaced VibraSonic Face Brush would make a perfect gift for any skincare lover in your life! The Limited Edition Barefaced Shimmer Collection from Magnitone come in 2 gorgeous colours - Rose Gold and Serenity Blue and the best thing about it is that right now and up until Christmas, there's a whopping 44% off discount so they are now available for just £49.99. (RRP £89.99)

I chose the Limited Edition Barefaced VibraSonic Face Brush in the Rose Gold* option and it's just the prettiest skincare item I own. I love that it has a little bit of glitz because of the shimmer and I think it's a great added touch if you choose to buy it for someone for Christmas because who doesn't love a bit of glitter or shimmer during the festive season. It always has a 12-month warranty which is fab too!

Above: What's inside the box
It's super easy to use - the brush head which is already on when it arrives is for general cleansing and the stimulator brush is for more of a deeper cleanse and is great for loosening blackheads (which I definitely need!) but you can use either of the brushes for everyday use, depending on your personal preference. You can't use the brush to remove your makeup but you use it during your second cleanse. 

You just apply your usual cleanser to your face (or brush) and wet the brush. Then choose either option one or option two on the device and then gently glide the brush over your skin. The instruction manual tells you to cleanse in 2 sections - 

Section 1 - Cheeks and Neck
Section 2 - T-Zone 

After 20 seconds the brush beeps to tell you to move onto the next section which I think is really handy and you also know that you have cleansed and used the brush for the right amount of time instead of using guesswork. Then you just apply your usual lotions and potions that you usually use and they should sink in even better after using the Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush.

Another great thing about the Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush is that you only have to charge it once a month... yes really! It takes 8 hours to fully charge and then you don't have to charge it again for a month which I think is pretty impressive. I also really like the little pink travel wash bag that the USB cable arrives in because it's a great sized to fit in the charger, the USB wire and also the spare brush head if you were travelling and wanted to take your brush with you.

In the short space of time of using this, I definitely think my skin is looking more radiant and it feels so much smoother and cleaner when I use the Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush rather than when I just wash my face with my hands like usual. My skin literally feels squeaky clean but I'm probably going to check back in with you soon after using it for a few more weeks maybe on Instagram/Insta Stories to let you know how I'm getting on!

If you're interested in picking up the Limited Edition Shimmer Magnitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush for either a treat to yourself or as a gift for someone at Christmas then you can find them at Boots, Argos, LookFantastic, Feel Unique, Amazon and of course Magnitone.co.uk for just £49.99!

You can also keep up to date on Magnitone releases by following them on their social media - Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Today I'm sharing with you a great free platform for us Bloggers, Youtubers and Instagrammers called Influence Network. They connect brands who want to promote their brand in general or products via social influencers who have an engaged following of 1000 or more. They work with so many genres of influencers from beauty, lifestyle, fashion, health and many more. 

What makes Influence Network different to others is that they help people who are starting out as influencers as well as help out those who have aspirations of building up a presence for themselves and make money from what they do on their social media.

Influence Network is really easy to sign up and completely free. It'll literally take you less than 5 minutes and you will then receive an email from them telling you all the details. They pair up influencers and brands with their algorithm and then you can take part in some exciting campaigns with brands and your pay increases as your engagement and followers do. 

You will be selected for a campaign based on lots of factors including engagement and the niche of your audience and there's no limit to the number of campaigns that can be offered to you. Once you have been selected you will receive an email from one of the friendly team members with the details of the campaign and then it's totally up to you if you choose to accept or decline. 

You can also invite friends to Influence Network! Once you sign up you will be given a personalised link in your welcome email and you can share it as many times as you like on any social media platform. Every friend that signs up Influence Network will add a multiplier to your engagement score (aka payrate) too! 

You can also keep up to date with Influence Network by following their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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I do love coming across cruelty-free makeup brands which don't break the bank and recently I was sent a few bits from Wonderland Makeup and they are exactly that. Their aim is to bring beauty lovers quality high-end, cruelty-free makeup at an affordable price. Their products and formulas are of the highest standards and in this post, I'm going to share my thoughts about the products I was kindly sent.

Wonderland Nail Polish in Poppie - £6* | Poppie is gorgeous bright pinky-red shade as the name would suggest. It's perfect for right now because I don't wear red nail polishes that often unless I want a pop of red if I'm wearing a plain, boring outfit or something but obviously with Christmas being so close it's the time of the year I do tend to opt for red nails more. I like the brush inside as it's not too thin nor big so it makes application easy and it dries pretty quickly too.

Wonderland Studio Finish Primer - £15* | I was super excited to try this out because even though I do own a fair few primers I'm always on the lookout for new ones to try. What stood out to me most about this primer is the fact that it's oil-free because as you may know if you've been reading my blog for a while I do have oily/combination skin and there's only a handful of oil-based products which I like and agree with my skin. I've really been liking this Primer because it makes my skin feel nice and smooth without the over the top silicone feeling. It's more breathable and watery I would say. You also don't need to use much at all to cover your whole face (and I have a moon-sized face!).

Wonderland Loose Pigment in Ultra Marine - £6.50*| Lastly is the Loose Pigment in Ultra Marine. I'll admit I probably wouldn't have chosen this colour just because I have very blue eyes and I don't think blue and blue go together very well but the product itself is insanely pigmented and nice to work with. I know if I ever need a gorgeous, sparkly blue pigment for anything then I have this. If you're like me and don't like to wear bold colours then you can pick up more everyday colours too which I've already had a nosy at. Some of the ones I've seen and like the look of include - Blossom, Coppertones and Foxy.

You can browse Wonderland Makeup here if you'd like to see these products and other products on offer including mascaras, blushers, glitter and more.

Have you ever tried anything from Wonderland Makeup? If so, let me know your thoughts.

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Must Have Makeup For The Festive Season

by Kirsty Milward, 1.12.17

It's my first Christmassy post in December! I have already started on this years gift guides but this is my first kind of "Blogmas" post. I'm not going to be blogging every single day but I am going to try and do at least 2 Christmas related posts and also 2 usual posts each week throughout December. So here's my Must Have Makeup For The Festive Season!

So obviously to keep my makeup in place on my oily skin I have to use a primer. I've really been loving the new Essence Fresh & Fit Primer because it's really fresh and it's quite glowy too and I just think it makes my skin look so much better. I even wear it on days when I'm not wearing any makeup just to waken my skin up a little.

For eyeshadow I have a few which I'm really liking and will definitely be using throughout December and those are my Colourpop Supershock Eyeshadow in Birthday Cake, I Heart Makeup Chocolate Elixir Palette and also the Essence Moonlight Eyes Cream Eyeshadow in the shades Cosmic* and Glided. (P.S the I Heart Makeup Chocolate Elixir palette is a great affordable dupe of the ABH Modern Renaissance palette!)

For blusher I've only really been reaching for my Glossier Cloud Paints in the shades Dusk and Beam ever since I bought them. On the rare occasion of not using my Cloud Paints I've rediscovered the Lavera Mineral Rouge Powder in Charming Rose* which gives a healthy flush of colour.

Onto highlighter I have a few choices for the festive season including the Essence Hololighter* which gives a pretty lilac sheen and adds a little bit fun to your makeup look. My other favourites have definitely got to be the Tanya Burr Illuminating Powder in Champagne Sorbet which has been my firm favourite over the past few months and also the NYX Strobe Of Genius Palette*.

There's quite the selection of lip colours I'm loving but I've manage to narrow it down to just five which I think is pretty good going for me! My five picks are the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Budapest*, and The Body Shops Liquid Lip in the shades Sydney Amaryllis and Nairobi Camellia. For nude shades I've loving the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk* and The Body Shop Shine Lip Liquid in Apple Taffy.  

For quick and easy nails then I'll definitely be popping on some imPRESS One Step Gel Nails* which are definitely my favourite fake nails to use because they are so simple to use and there's lots of different colours and looks available. I currently have the Bells & Whistles* style and also the Claim To Fame* style. I also know I'm going to be wearing the Essence Holo Rainbow Nail Polish in Hello Holo* because who doesn't love a bit of glitter during the festive season?!

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You may have heard the term ‘Self Care Sunday’ used by bloggers and Instagram stars recently. It’s a new trendy term used to describe taking some time to pamper and treat yourself once a week, normally on a Sunday. This could be anything from going for a
walk to mindfulness, or even just spending an extra hour in bed if your body needs it!

The benefits of taking time out for a bit of self-care can be huge. You’ll be able to de-stress, unwind from your week, and get prepared for the week ahead. Time spent looking after yourself can also make you feel happier, calmer and able to sleep better. Sounds great, right?

Read on for our easy tips to have a blissful #SelfCareSunday.

Ultimate Self Care Sunday Routine -

Have a lie-in

This is probably the easiest way to take care of yourself. Spending a little extra time in bed is a great way to recuperate after a tough week. Listen to what your body is telling you - if you need an extra couple of hours in bed, go for it!

Make a to-do list

Simply writing out a to-do list for the week ahead can help you to feel calmer about tackling your tasks. It’s easy to feel a little anxious when it seems like you have lots to do and no time to do it, but breaking it down into manageable tasks will help it to feel a lot less daunting.


Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation which can help to train your mind to be a little calmer, help you to reduce stress and manage the symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. The free app Headspace is a great place to start, or you can find plenty of short guides on YouTube.

Prepare some nutritious food

Making sure you’re eating well is a great way to show yourself some love. Why not try a smoothie bowl with lots of yummy toppings for a quick nutritional boost, or whip up a big stir fry for a hearty dinner.

Figure out how to fit more self-care into your week

Although it’s great to set aside a chunk of time once per week to give yourself a little attention, spend a little time figuring out how to fit more self-care into your week.

Try adding a multivitamin such as Wellwoman from Vitabiotics to your daily routine, or get off the bus a bit earlier and walk to work. Little changes like these will have a real impact on your mental and physical health and will give you a little boost throughout the week.

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*in collaboration with Vitabiotics 

Natural Charisma are a new UK based natural beauty brand who have just launched their first product line. I really like that they care about fair trade and have chosen Moroccan farmers who pay their hard working Berber women a fair wage. The seeds are imported from Morocco and then they press the oil under the highest UK and EU standards in the UK and then mix it up into shampoo and conditioner in London.

All of the products they offer are cruelty-free and free of all toxic chemicals (parabens, SLS, SSL) which are used in most of the cheap shampoo and conditioners which are easy to pick up in places such as Superdrug and Boots which quite frankly, aren't great for your hair.

I'm a huge fan of argan oil (and coconut oil) for my hair as it's quite dry and frizzy most of the time, so when I got the opportunity to work with Natural Charisma I was excited, I love hearing from new brands which have products which really interest me. 

I've been trying out their fair-trade organic Argan & Baobab oil shampoo and conditioner* and in today's post I'm sharing with you my thoughts about both of the products. 

So what's inside and why are the chosen natural ingredients good for your hair?

Organic Argan Oil - incredibly hydrating, nourishing and good for your hair because it's full of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 6 Fatty acids and Linoleic acid.

Baobab Oil - Prized for its unique ability to prevent the formation of harmful free radicals and can cause damage to your hair. It helps to keep your natural oils and also protect your hair from any environmental threats.

It also contains Pomegranate Extract which makes the Shampoo & Conditioner smell gorgeous and fresh and it also helps to make your hair stronger and just all around healthier. They also contain Pro-Vitamin B5 which prevents hair loss and adds thickness and volume to the hair. Lastly, it contains Roman Chamomile which is an effective and natural solution for hair lice and dandruff and relief from scalp irritation.

My thoughts on the Organic Argan & Baobab oil shampoo & conditioner -

First of all, like I've already mentioned both the Shampoo & Conditioner smell lovely which I think is down to the Pomegranate Extract. The scent also reminds me of something from when I was younger but I can't remember what it's from which is really annoying. But they both smell nice and fresh and I think most people will like the scent.

The shampoo which comes in a 300ml bottle and it feels very lightweight and easy to use, it lathers up well which I really like in shampoos. I have recently started to double shampoo again but with this, I don't find the need to as the shampoo really does give my hair a good cleanse with the first shampoo and I don't have to do a double cleanse. I leave it to sink in for a few minutes just to let it get to work and deeply cleanse my hair and then rinse it out.

The conditioner comes with a pump which I do like and personally prefer because it's just easier to use and you can also lock the pump if needed too. The conditioner is on the thicker side but a little goes a long way which is always a good thing. I also have found with most thicker conditioners they do weigh my hair down a lot but this doesn't and it makes my hair lovely and shiny. 

I've found both products together really help to control and tame my frizzy hair and because of this, I haven't had to style my hair with my curlers or straighteners  because my hair has just been behaving and easier to manage and basically doesn't look like a bird's nest (like usual lol). I think because you don't have to use a lot of the products to make them work to their full potential, they are worth picking up because they will last you a while.

You can pick up the Natural Charisma Shampoo & Conditioner bundle at £24.95 here

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*this post is sponsored by Natural Charisma, all opinions are my own

I haven't done one of these posts since August so I'm back with a new one! As always I'm not writing this post to brag or anything at all, I do get sent things but I obviously buy a lot of beauty products within the space of a few months, so I guess it's kind of a sneak peek at what's new in my beauty stash and products which you're probably going to see featured on my blog at some point in the near future. 

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask 

I've been eyeing up this face mask for a while now, so when there was an offer on for 30% off I decided to pick it up and finally try it out. It smells very citrusy and uplifting and it does tingle a little once it's on, I also really like that you can tell when and where it's dried. It's quite an exfoliating scrub so it's kind of a 2-in-1 product, it is quite messy to remove it but I can see a difference in my skin right after using it because my skin feels so soft and it just looks radiant. So I would say if you're debating on buying this do it!

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Icons*
Probably the most exciting package I've received in my blogging journey so far - A PR package from Charlotte Tilbury! I've kind of been in shock about this since I got the email last month. I've never tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury before and I had already put a few products on my Christmas Wishlist because I wanted to kind of see what the hype is about. I received 2 things in my package including the Limited Edition Beauty Icons Box which contains 5 products inside  - Mini Magic Cream, Mini Full Fat Lashes Mascara, Mini Wonderglow, Mini K.I.S.S.I.N.G - Penelope Pink and Lip Cheat - Pillow Talk. I'm really looking forward to trying everything out and they'll be a blog post all about my first impressions of Charlotte Tilbury products in December.

Essence Moonlight Cream Eyeshadows & Fresh & Fit Foundation

Essence very kindly sent me over a lot of their new products recently to feature in my New Releases From Essence post. In the package, I received the new Moonlight Cream Eyeshadow in the shade 03 Cosmic* and I've also picked up the shade 04 Glided since and they are honestly a dream to work with. They're easy to blend and to build up the colour intensity and they are only £3 each. I also picked up the Fresh & Fit Foundation which I've been really liking recently too, it smells lovely and fresh and it's so good considering it's only £5!

Bloomtown The Grove* Infused Oil & The Rose Garden Infused Oil

I've not tried anything from Bloomtown before but they recently sent me a Christmas Bauble to feature in my upcoming Beauty Gift Guide and inside I received the Bloomtown The Grove Infused Oil and I really like it, it's a lovely, uplifting scent and it lasts a good amount of time on my skin. So I decided to pick up The Rose Garden Infused Oil too which has a light, powdery rose scent. I've really been enjoying using them both and I think they would make nice little stocking fillers for Christmas.

I Heart Makeup Chocolate Elixir Palette
This was on my recent Beauty Wishlist and guess what? I caved and bought it even though I'm trying to be on a spending ban for the next month so I can save up some money for the Christmas/Boxing Day sales. After watching this video, I realised that it is probably the best affordable dupe to the ABH Modern Renaissance right now and I just needed it in my life because I can't justify spending £43 on an eyeshadow palette rn (especially when the pans are so tiny too!).

I received some of the ImPRESS Gel Nails to feature in an upcoming (Christmas, woo!) blog post. I rarely wear false nails because I do find them a little annoying if I'm being totally honest but these are definitely my favourite to wear and they are so easy to apply when I do want/need to wear false nails. I like that there's a good choice of designs too and they don't break the bank.

Glossier Cloud Paints in shades Beam & Dusk
I did it. I jumped on the bandwagon and picked up a few things from Glossier when they came to the UK. I definitely picked up the Cloud Paints because of the cute, instagrammable packaging more so than anything. I also really like that Glossier is all about minimum, natural looking makeup because that's more my cup of tea. I have done a full review of the products I recently picked up here.
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